Friday, 23 May 2008

nothing much

I've been tired all week, and feeling very behind. It's Friday (I almost said Thursday) and I still don't have a menu for the week.

Yesterday I took the children to the park after Ella's nap (I knew Bob would be home late), and it was pretty sad. Riah hurt himself climbing up the slide, and then Ella fell out of the swing; she did a flip and landed on her back. William was hungry and the bench inside the playground was full. I [i]can[/i] feed him standing up, but it's not very easy to be modest, especially since I forgot a cover blanket. So I told the older children they could walk down the path through the trees while I fed William on the bench in the field. Then it was time to go home (I'd put chicken in the oven when we left) and I let them run ALL the way around the field while I walked across to the parking lot with the stroller. Except the boys decided not to, and cut back across the middle of the field, which had just been mowed and was ankle deep with grass clippings. (Around the edges had been raked.)
Upon arriving home I saw that Taryn had not latched the front door when she came out (I'd sent her back for some grapes for a snack), and it was standing wide open. >growls and rolls eyes< I'm glad we live in a 'quiet' neighborhood.

I may or may not have mentioned that Bob is assistant shop chief now. It's his due, but now that he has the position he isn't sure he wants it. :-) More responsibility, not more pay. Anyway, yesterday his supervisors told him that they know he's doing good work for the shop and they are glad he's here. So that was nice.

Monday is Memorial Day, so it should be a 3 day weekend, but Bob may be working through it. So we have no plans yet, but we have in mind that it might be nice to go to Sherwood.

Next Thursday is Naysha's birthday. Bob's grandma sent us some money for "all the children" and I have been thinking about an outside playhouse/slide thing. There are some on ebay that aren't too far to pick up, so we are looking. She wants a princess party, too, so that will be next Saturday, if Bob isn't working. We will invite the neighbor girl.

That's about all I can think of now.


Ganeida said...

I love English parks. They are very sedate. We had to do the fairy birthday party too...some years ago now but it was a blast.

kimba said...

So on the base they have U.S. holidays? Do you get the english hol's too?

MamaOlive said...

Yes, we still get the American holidays off. No, we don't get the English holidays, too. Only this Monday is a day off for both countries. We call it Memorial Day; I'm not sure what England calls theirs - everything just says "this bank holiday Monday."

The British contractors who work on base get both sets of holidays, usually.