Saturday, 31 May 2008

We survived

I think we made it through the party. Bob is napping.

Everyone was awake and roaring to go by 6:25 this morning. Bob took Riah, Cedwryck, and Ella and went in search of pictures and yard sales. Taryn, Naysha, and I got ready for the party. We cleaned up everything, fixed our hair fancy, blew up balloons, hung streamers, washed some stinky clothes, decorated a cake, and made lunch.

At 10 the neighbor girl came over, and he mother and baby brother were here most of the time, too. She's only 3, but is quite mature. The girls made a craft, painted their nails, and played musical statues. I finished up in the kitchen and helped with the crafts.

William was awesome this morning. He ate twice first thing, and then played for awhile before taking a long nap in his bed (he usually sleeps on my lap). If he wasn't so contented, I'd have never got done.

Bob got back just after 11, and we were ready to eat by 11:30. Everything turned out nicely. The cake is a little dense, but it looked pretty good, and the frosting tastes good. Mrs neighbor said in this country you usually get the hard, untasty frosting.

After dinner came the gifts, and Naysha was pleased with her haul. Then the children played for an hour before neighbor had to go home.

I tried to talk Bob into running down to Leeds Castle (it's only 1:45 to get there) for their joust that ends tomorrow, but he wouldn't hear of it. I don't understand. ;-) Maybe I'll take a nap, too.


Anonymous said...

I'll be on Bob's side. You had done enough for one day. Forget the traveling! jc

Anonymous said...

LOL, are you serious?
I have to admit that going to Leeds after a birthday party sounds better than Heather's day:
baseball tournament all day, then baking a birthday cake when she got home (after 11:00 p.m.).

MamaOlive said...

I kinda wanted to, but it would have been a lot of trouble.
The nap turned out to be pretty nice.

It was after 9pm when I got started mixing on the main body of the cake. Baked it Friday night and frosted it Sat morning. I wasn't gonna stay up all night to do it.