Friday, 30 May 2008

Tragedy! - or not

Now I'm level headed enough to know that in the great scheme of things, this really isn't that important. But I'm female enough to worry about it effecting Naysha the rest of her life. But I realize that it'll get sorted and she'll not even be bothered about it, really.

What am I talking about????

It's 11:30 am the day before the birthday party.

I had decided to surprise Naysha by making her a "Barbie doll cake." This is done by baking a cake in a glass mixing bowl, which is then inverted to form a big dress for the doll, who stands upright in the center of the cake. Sounds easy. Lots of people have made them.

This morning when I headed into the kitchen I discovered that I'm short on powdered sugar (icing sugar), and will have to get Bob to go to the store again. He went yesterday to get barbecue sauce for the "li'l smokies" that Naysha requested. Then I made the cake. Mixed up beautifully. Greased and floured the bowl, blah blah. Fast forward an hour and 20 minutes, and it was quite brown on top and cracked a little, but I wasn't too worried about that since I'd have to trim the top to make it flat anyway.

It tested clean all the way through, so I pulled it out and let sit 10 minutes, then dumped it out. It flew out of the bowl and basically splattered. It was cooked through, but just broke on itself and busted the bottom half out.


I also made an 8" square cake to put under the round part in case it wasn't tall enough - that one is still in the oven.

I asked Naysha if she wanted a surprise or what (trying to decide if I should try again), and she said she really wanted a cake that looks like a house, and showed me the one she meant in my cake book. That one will require yet more items from the store.

Oh, and she wants salad, too, and we are out of lettuce.

First thing this morning I made a list of things that needed doing, and the girls had it done by 9:30. Pick up, sweep, and mop the hall. Hang up their clothes. Vacuum.
By 10 the boys had undone it all. Ced had an accident and splashed all down the hall. Riah ran around throwing things. They worked together to pile all the baby toys and soft books in the middle of the living room. ... ...

I'd give a big yell of frustration, but I'm already too tired.

I understand now why some people buy cakes from the bakery. But they sure aren't as good.


Anonymous said...

Oh my -- what can I say? I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry. If you don't talk about it through the years, she will never remember. So, what did you end up with for a cake? jc

MamaOlive said...

I have a cottage in the works. The second layer of frosting is drying, so all I have to do is decorate.

(Plus make the macaroni, brush my hair, change clothes, find a tablecloth, figure out the crafts, tie the balloons, fix Naysha's hair, make the coffee and punch, and vacuum again.)


I'm sure we'll have some pictures on Flickr this afternoon.