Friday, 2 May 2008

Not panicking

Considering the joys of many young children, I'm surprised at myself for being okay today.

Cedwryck has been dry at night since he first started going in the toilet. So we figured we were wasting pull-ups on him, and he may as well sleep in his underwear. Ahem. This morning when I opened the boys' room door (the signal that it's 7am and okay for them to get up) I was overwhelmed with this SMELL. It wasn't just a bowel movement, it was a big, sicky runny bowel movement. All down his leg and over the sheets and pillow and blanket... He was still asleep, so I called Bob to help me, and started prepping the bathroom. We woke him up, stripped him down, and Bob showered him while I stripped the bed. Then Riah woke up, and he'd peed all over his bed (even with a pull-up), so I sent him on to the bathtub, too. When the boys got out, I rinsed Ced's sheets, and got the washer started.

Ella has chicken pox.

William has chicken pox.

I had a chicken thawed out to marinade and roast.

Bob was going to be home early again.

I was supposed to find something for us to do this afternoon, and maybe for tomorrow.

And all day I was just going through the motions, not getting all worried and panicky. When I stopped and thought about it, I was surprised that I was acting like it was all normal.


Bob got home just before lunch. The sheets were clean, though not put back on the beds. The chicken was happily marinating. The children were happy.
We had lunch and got ready to go... somewhere. It was kind of drizzly, not too cold. I thought of a couple outside things to do, and we decided to risk it. Made our way to Bury St Edmunds on the back roads, just enjoying the drive and the flowers. At one point we stopped for a picture, and a car came up from behind; the driver rolled down his window and asked if we were lost. How nice!
Once in Bury it took us 3 tries to find a doable parking lot (close to the abbey and with a business that would give change for the parking meter), but we did it. Just in time for the rain to start. So we sat in the car for awhile, where Ced woke up and cried that his belly hurt. The rain let up, and we figured things would be better outside. So we went across the street, stopping at the public toilet, and then on to the abbey ruins and park. This is just behind the cathedral that we went to in December with the newcomers' orientation tour, but it was too cold and hurried then to go outside.
I'm glad we went. It was SO beautiful, with beds of flowers, and the ruins, and then the children saw IT - a playground. So we let them play until our hour of parking was up, then back to the toilets, then the car, and away we went.

We made our way to Mildenhall for gas for tomorrow, and dinner at the food court.

Stopped at Newmarket's Tesco for bread and milk before coming home.

Now the chicken is in the oven, the children are in bed, and I'm still doing okay. God is good.


Ganeida said...

*When I stopped and thought about it, I was surprised that I was acting like it was all normal.*

I hate to be the one to break it to you but, this is all normal! ;)

However please keep your chicken pox to yourself. Ditz hasn't had it. We did chicken pox with the others when the boys were 6. Theo got them 3, yes that reads THREE, times!!! He got them first from preschool & passed it round 3 other children, on after another ~ not even all together. We sent him back to preschool & just as the next one was recovering he'd catch them again. It was horrible. It went on for months ~ literally. (((shudders)))

MamaOlive said...

"this is normal"


My sister got it twice.
We had just moved to Texas when she got it, then I did, then my brother did ( or he, then me), then she got it again.
After she got it the second time, the dr decided the first time it was some other virus that looks the same as pox. right.

Naysh and Riah are just waiting for their spots to appear.