Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Fayre and fete pt 2

Sorry I'm behind. It is getting hard to type around William's increasing frame, but I guess I'll have to anyway, as he's eating all the time this week. His third tooth is almost in.

SO. Saturday night we went to Mildenhall, ate at the BXtra food court (a lovely combination of icky pizza, Taco Bell, and Burger King - there's also a Cinnabon and a Baskin Robbins, but we usually skip those). THen into the store where we bought a funnoodle and ... I know there was something else. Anyway.

Sunday we got started late, and everybody had a shower, except, no wait! The water wasn't hot, so while Taryn and I made it, it made Riah scream. SO I told Bob, and he investigated. Turns out when I went twisting knobs on the oil tank the other day (it was leaking), I turned off the flow to the house. I guess was enough oil in the lines to keep the hot water going for the day or two. Anyway, our water heater can run on electricity, too, so we switched it over and determined to call about the leak Monday morning.

So, back to the theme. Right, getting late. And I had some chicken legs marinating that Bob graciously offered to grill for our lunch. Yum. But they took a little while, so it was decided that we wouldn't make it to church. :-(
I put Ella down for a little nap, and about 2:30 we geared up and walked into town for the church Fete. Pronounced "fate" by the locals. We arrived just in time for the dog show. The classes we saw compete were: most obedient dog, least obedient dog, and dog race. The judge was a horse racing champion. After some dog show we walked around the yard - let me back up again. The fete was held in a private person's back yard, and was to raise money for the parish church. I was really surprised to see how much space was there. There was a large deck off the back of the house where a bar was set up, and lots of tables for the drinkers. The dog ring was in the center, and tents and booths around the edges of the yard. Then behind some trees were more booths, a bouncy castle, and pony rides.
We bought 4 GBP of used books (yay!), and looked at the others. Pony rides were only 1 GBP each, but Bob figured the wait would be non-doable. (Only one pony.) Bouncy castle was 2 GBP for 5 minutes, and it was hot in there, so no way.
We saw several people that we know/recognize, including the leader from the parish church, our next door neighbors, other neighbors who recognized us and introduced themselves, and someone from the reformed church in town. Then was the children's "fancy dress" competition. I thought it might be something about costumes, but I couldn't convince the girls of it, so they entered. They were wearing regular, pretty dresses. The other children were dressed up as things, so our girls said they were princesses. (The "funky chickens" won.)
Having done our duty to the town, and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, we headed home for dinner.

But wait. Since the neighbor girl is so friendly with us, and the children talk all the time, it is now "tea" instead of "dinner." :-D

So that was the fayre and the fete.

Monday morning I called to get someone out about the oil tank. Then we all got together and went to the base. Yea. First stop, the WIC office to get orders for the lab to do an iron level test on Riah, Cedwryck, Ella, and me. Then Bob met us at the lab where we took turns having our blood drawn. Oldest to youngest. THe tech wasn't very gentle with me, but it was endurable. Next came Riah, who sat on my lap. He had already decided no amount of juice and cheese would be worth having a needle poke him, but I insisted we wanted to know his iron levels anyway. He cried the whole way through the procedure, and was very careful of his bandaged arm afterwards. Next was Cedwryck, who wouldn't look when she stuck him, but watched the rest of things without a whimper. Ella was next, and she didn't even want to put her arms out on the table, but she made a good sad face and did it anyway; no tears for her, either.

After that we stopped by Burger King for some grub, then took it to a park where we ate on an old woolen Army blanket on the grass. A goose stayed close to our "table" just in case, but the only leftovers we had were a couple of french fries that were overlooked in the bottom of the bag.

Then Bob went back to work and I took the children to the commissary. To do THAT any justice would require another post, so I'll stop now.

It's 5:30 on Tuesday and the guy still hasn't come about the oil tank. grrrrrrrrrrrr


Dawn said...

Ugh...the food courts...lol.

I despise Anthony's Pizza...it's just gross and always makes my stomach hurt if I eat it.

We never had a Cinnabon here (other bases do though)but we had a Taco Bell, Baskin Robbins and Vescovi Coffee but they shut down last year.

Of course Burger King is still open...we have a Philly Joes' and the Pizza place at Kid's Zone, which I think might be shutting down either this week or next.

We used to have a Wingers, which was gross by the way, but they shut down last year.

Wiesbaden (Army base 30 minutes from us) has a Subway we like to go to and a Popeyes.

Ramstein Air Force base, which you see me talk about in my blog a lot has all that and then a Chili's which is such a treat. :-)
In fact we are going back to Ramstein this weekend to spend some time with a brother and sister in Christ.

I don't know about you but I am burnt out on AAFES food courts that's for sure. :-)

MamaOlive said...

I hear ya!
The best AAFES food place I've ever eaten is Charlie's Subs - better than Subway. When we were at Iceland (a Navy base) the only thing they had was Wendy's and the club. We got so sick of Wendy's, it was 5 years before we went there after we got back to the states. At least we have "lots" of choices here.