Tuesday, 11 January 2011

water, water

Saturday, when we were getting ready to go out, Taryn came into the living room holding up Ella's coat and said, "Ella's coat is soppy wet for some reason." Hmmm, would this need investigating? I think yes. So I told Taryn to hang the coat in the bathroom, and I went to check the crime scene.

The whole closet floor was soaked.

The water heater is in the girls' closet, and someone had loosened the drain valve, so that water was dripping out. It had soaked the carpet, the coat, a dress.... I turned the leak off, called Bob, and we set to work. We are planning to take up the carpet anyway, as there are hardwood floors underneath, so we just pulled it back out of the closet and cut it off. I cut back the carpet pad while Bob pulled up the tack strips, and we got it dried out in no time. I did leave the window open while we were gone to let the air circulate.

We were a little put out by the delay and the waste, but very glad there wasn't any thing wrong with the water heater.


Anonymous said...

PTL you caught the leak before it saturated more than the closet floor.

Wil said...


But I'm glad it was caught and fixed quickly. It helps to have extra sets of eyes running around. :-)