Thursday, 20 January 2011

oh well

I have lots of blog posts in my head, waiting to materialize on-screen, but my computer crashed. I push the power button, it gives one little "mmmph" and then nothing. The power light comes on, and it drains the battery, but nothing happens.

Funnily enough, Bob's desktop was doing the same thing. He took his hard drive and video card to a test/repair place, and they both checked out fine, meaning it was his motherboard. Bob didn't feel that he was capable of building a computer himself, so we went shopping. We didn't want another HP, as that one was only 2 years old (his old laptop also being an HP and the video card went out after less than 2 years). We did want a non-integrated graphics card, as Bob uses heavy graphics applications. That left us with about 2 choices in each store. After 4 stores, we made a decision and bought a ASUS. This is a new to me company, but they are getting high marks for reliability. Time will tell. Windows 7 didn't take too much getting used to; the programs work; his old hard drive is slaved in so there was no data loss.

I'm on Bob's laptop today. I'm supposed to be organizing the kitchen, but my head hurts. So I'm sitting here with the TENS machine helping some, wondering how long it'll take for me to get over myself and change a dirty diaper. No one else can smell it, of course... ;-)

We'll get things running before long.

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Wil said...

The sound / action you described is exactly how my desktop PC died in 2006, after many years of hard labor... (It was an HP, and I was so happy with it, I would have gotten another one to replace it, but couldn't find a competitive price at the time).

Sorry to hear it; glad no data was lost.

I can't tell you how valuable it's been to have external hard drives with backed up files. :-)