Monday, 17 January 2011

lots o' hugs

Last night I was blog-hopping while Bob watched something boring on Netflix, and went here, one of my bookmarks. She called my attention to this post about a family losing a toddler through a tragic accident. (Don't click unless you have a tissue handy!)

My children can tell you that I'm not overly sympathetic; I'm not even terribly sentimental, and I've never been accused of being sugary or clingy. But when I read that story I cried and cried. I got to worrying that something like this could happen to us, and then I remembered that I DID lose a child (miscarriage), and that my cousin lost a baby to accident, and there is so much grief in the world it's almost overwhelming.

Then I remembered this post that I'd linked to on Facebook just yesterday. And I repeated over and over to myself "God is good. I trust God." But I was still glad that Elijah woke up when we went to bed, so I could hold him for awhile. He just laid his head on my shoulder and let me hold him while I cried some more and prayed for each of my children in turn.

You better believe I gave each one a big hug when they woke up this morning. Reminds me of an old song, "shower the people you love with love; show them the way you feel."


Wil said...

I am (almost certainly) more sentimental, clingy, sympathetic, than you are, so I have these moments often. Usually, they're not prompted by blogs, but by my own racing thoughts.

I worry too much, and my wife knows it, but she really has no idea how hard I work to get it under control... In the end though, I always remind myself (and this is pretty cheesy) to change the things I can, and don't worry about the things I can't change.

Anna Wood said...

I know the feeling of being glad your little one awakes so you can get in just one more moment of holding and loving him. There's nothing like it. Thank you for this post. I very much enjoyed it.