Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sightseeing Huntsville style

Today we didn't feel like working quite so hard again, so after I gave Bob a haircut we went puttering around town.

The first stop was at the trash company, because they insist on billing me for a "past due" amount of $11.something that was paid by check and I have the bank statement to prove it. But they are closed on Friday, so we moved right along.

We had lunch at McDonald's (all the children except William are sick of it, but it is fast and easy), and then came back home because some of us forgot our coats.

After that we went out to Venus Mountain, where Bob grew up. We've found tax records that indicate Bob's niece bought the homeplace from her dad (Bob's step-brother), so we stopped by to see if she was home. A man answered the door, and he was understandably reticent but did say she was at work. We went on down the road to Kings River "area of natural beauty." Some of us skipped rocks across the swimming hole, we all checked out the outhouse, and some napped in the car. Then Bob gave a short lesson on gun safety and fired his new rifle as well as his pistol and a pellet gun. On the way back we stopped at Bob's (deceased) step-grandpa's house to see who was living there (hoping it was the other niece). Another man was there, and he said he is renting the house from the niece, who refuses to sell any of the land. He was a bit more chatty than the first fellow, and told Bob where the niece works and when she usually gets home.

We stopped in at the tiny church/community center. Bob said his step-dad went to school there when he was a boy. It is heated by a wood stove, has separate Men's and Women's outhouses, and a well. A real well, with a bucket on a chain, lowered by a pulley into the water. Bob demonstrated for the children, and a few took a drink. Ella sipped carefully and then joyously declared, "It tastes like real water!"

Back in Huntsville we went to Walmart for a few items, and then took a different road home. We found the library (as we went past), and then a large building that declared "cakes and Christian book store." We had to check that out! There was a young Mennonite lady working the store, which sold pound and fruit cakes, and books from Christian Light Education. She told us that her parents do book sales at various shows around, and keep them in the store between times. I told her we homeschool and were familiar with several of the books there - it was nice to see them in a store. Anyhow, we bought one book and two cakes (they were BOGO free), and made a mental note of the food-grade 4 gallon buckets for sale at $1.50 each. If we get things in bulk, those will be very handy.

We went back to the library from there, where we were greeted with a warm, "Do you need anything? 'Cause I'm closing in 10 minutes." Yes, she was serious. I signed up for a library card, and checked out "The Other Boleyn Girl." Some person who reads too much has sort-of recommended Phillippa Gregory and I wanted to check it out. ;-)

Back home for spaghetti, garlic bread, and cake. Keep an eye on Bob's pictures for the wordless version of the day.


Ganeida said...

You know a person who reads too much? You lucky girl, you! ;P

Tell me what you think when you're done. ☺

Anonymous said...

Loved Ella's comment! I'm glad you're checking out the local scene.

The HoJo's said...

snigger, read too much??? is that possible?


MamaOlive said...

Ganeida, yes, I am blessed in your friendship. It was good enough to keep me off Facebook for 2 days. Hopefully I'll get a proper review written.

Mom? Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny.

HoJo's, my hubby thinks so, but that's because he's not a reader. I do enjoy a good story.