Friday, 14 January 2011

He Talks!

Elijah is 14 months old, and he is beginning to talk. I find his vocabulary quite interesting and thought you might, too.
He says:

Mama (sounds nice, but it really means he wants a drink - applies equally to a cup of water or to breast milk)

Dog (just like it sounds. Often "dog-dog")

Hot! (He warns Tiger away from the wood stove, and reminds me to be careful whenever I add wood to the fire.)

Yes (this is actually silent; he "says" it by nodding his head emphatically)

Hi (accompanied by a wave of the hand)

Bye (accompanied by a wave of the hand)

Whoa! (when surprised, or falling, or dropping something)

More (in sign language)

Please (in sign language)

Shut the door (and "door" by itself. That he says this phrase so clearly and with the proper meaning is testament to the fact that he has 6 older siblings and it is cold outside)


Anonymous said...

This is precious! What a little smartie you have.
Angela Christin

Wil said...

Very cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

He was saying "dog" before his first birthday. :)
On a side note, Granny wrote in your dad's baby book that he started talking just before he turned three years old. His first words were Daddy, howdy, ouch, and Momma. mums

MamaOlive said...

Yes, Mom, "dog" was his first real word. Thanks for sharing about dad.