Thursday, 14 February 2008

One of Those Days

Well, today was just like that.
For starters, I had about 5 hours of sleep in 3 segments.
Then Riah wet his bed.
It was cold and cloudy.
We ran out of milk.
We ran out of fruit.
I didn't get the dishes washed, so nowhere to cook supper.
And to top it all, we decided to get an internet filter to block objectionable content.

Why is that bad? Because I had the brilliant idea of getting a free one instead of forking out $70 for each computer. I went to which is the website for PC magazine, because they always talk about their free downloads. I didn't see anything on the list, but there was an ad for one - web crawler. So I went to it, and it sounded good, so I downloaded it. Did I mention that my computer has no anti-virus software? It downloaded, installed, and went to restart the computer to finish the job. Only the computer didn't quite restart. The first time it looked normal, but there was no mouse or keyboard. So Bob tried a few things, including SAFE mode, the BIOS, and reloading Windows from the disc. At every attempt it just got worse. Now it gets to the Windows XP screen, where a progress bar runs across, and the bar freezes. It sounds like the CPU is running full speed, but it doesn't get anywhere.

Bob is glad I tried it on my computer first.

Happy Valentine's, baby.

On other news, Bob had the night off last night because the fog was so dense it would have been a danger for him to drive in. Also my dentist appointment was canceled.
We are thinking about going to Leeds Castle this Saturday. We had thought about spending the night and doing Dover, too, but a hotel would run us over $200 for one night.

So I've been exercising everyday and had no desserts. I think I'll make a brownie cheesecake trifle for the weekend. mmmmm


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your computer; it sounds bad. We use AVG free edition for anti-virus. So far, so good. I've never had a problem with "objectionable content" except at Yahoo Mail; had it set to "no graphics." But then, I was missing out on stuff in several newsletters, so changed it back. Usually can tell from the subject line whether to open it or not.

Anonymous said...

re: The computer. Poor you! I've been there! I know all about it! jc