Wednesday, 27 February 2008

got my baby back

Bob fixed my computer!!! He's my hero!

He said he found another boot disk and tried it. The first thing I did was uninstall Web Crawler; the second thing was to install Kaspersky Internet Security (virus, firewall, etc); it is scanning now.

I have my favorites back; I can stay logged in to stuff; I have my pretty, uncluttered desktop; etc, etc, etc.

Today I made chicken, noodles, baked potato chips, and broccoli & cauliflower with cheese for lunch. Only thing left was a half piece of chicken. I also got all the laundry washed, and directed the straightening, vacuuming, and sweeping of the house. And put away the groceries. I didn't like the way it looked last night, all messy. Mess causes me stress. Tomorrow I need to clean the bathroom and toilet. We have pretty hard water here, I guess, and even with a daily wipe-down, the sink is getting buildup. The toilet is turning orange, even after using toilet bowl cleaner. I bought some CLR (calcium, Lime, Rust) and I hope it works. If not, I'll have to hire a maid every so often, I guess. I can't scrub it all every day.

For school today Taryn did an English lesson and we all played Math Mouse games. I tied to find something about that online, but no go. Naysha and Riah have started Math. Yesterday they did 0 and today they did 1.

Ella is upgrading her vocabulary. Now, instead of "mo" she will answer with "yeah" or "humm unn" and if I call her name she says a version of "yes." And when she wants something, instead of "enh, enh" she says "mine."

Yesterday when I was opening a package of frozen ground turkey, the knife slipped and went into my left palm. It made a little hole, but barely drew blood. Bob heard me suck in breath and thought he was gonna take me to the hospital. I guess I under-react sometimes. Bob says my adrenaline works in reverse.

Saturday or Sunday we had a 'fender bender.' The roads around here are narrow, and driving home is like a giant game of "chicken" to see if one car will go up the grass bank to avoid hitting the oncoming car. We were coming home, and Bob had his left tire right on the edge of the pavement, but the oncoming car didn't move over at all, or slow down. So we hit side view mirrors, busting the glass out of ours and hers. Sigh. She is a military spouse. We exchanged phone numbers, but I doubt we will pursue any reimbursement. As the witnesses didn't stop, it would be our word against hers, anyway.

Guess that's it.


Ganeida said...

Yay! Last time I lost my computer it had most of a message for church tucked inside it's gizzards & I was having a major meltdown ~ especially as I was procrastingating something dreadful by blog~hopping. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhooo Shari. Your days are filled with adventures and mishaps. Has your daily routine always been like this? ha... I am not sure I could handle it. jc

MamaOlive said...

With this many people in the house, there is always something worth talking about.
I am by nature very quiet and settled and everything planned and lots of lists. But Bob is spontaneous, and children have a way of loosening things up. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning - struggling and out of control, and sometimes it's more like surfing - exciting and on top of the world.