Saturday, 9 February 2008


The weather has been pretty nice here lately. Today it got into the mid-50's, and not a cloud in the sky. So we took advantage.

In England, private property doesn't quite mean the same thing as it does in the states. There are public footpaths (and bridle paths) all across the country. If a path happens to go across someone's land, they have to maintain it as clearly distinct from the other land, and there has to be a way over or around any fences.

Today we drove to Moulton, about 2 miles from Cheveley, to their St Peter church. There is parking there, and a sign showing the circular footpaths in the area. So we got out and went for a walk. William and Ella rode in the double stroller. Walked past the church and up a hill, through trees. Then we crossed one fence and came to an open field; the packed-earth path went right across the middle of the green field, and so did we. A man was working on his tractor in one corner, and he greeted us as we went past. As we came to the crest of the hill we stopped to enjoy the view and take some pictures. After a minute the man came over, working on his fence. He and Bob talked for 5 minutes or so, while I got William out of the stroller and calmed him down, as he was getting fussy. I overheard something about F-15s and B-1s, and the '60s.
It was a little hazy on the horizon but we could see the hangers of Mildenhall. The man said on a clear day one can see the Ely Cathedral and to RAF Feltwell. As we started on, he gave a little guidance about the path (there were 2 ways to go after the next fence); we thanked him and walked on.

We chose the shorter path toward the road and back around to the church from the other side. We met 4 horses along the way, and all of them seemed to think we should have a treat for them. One in particular was very friendly, and all the children got to pet him. I got warm and had to take off my jacket, and by the end of the walk I had to take off my long-sleeved shirt and had just a T-shirt. The day was just so beautiful. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing.

As we got back to the van we all started to notice that it was lunch time. So we headed in to RAF Lakenheath and had lunch at Popeye's. They didn't have an empty table (much less two), so we ate outside on a big picnic table. It was fun. Then groceries, and back home by 3:30.

Pulling into our driveway, we saw three girls just down the street, and Taryn asked if she could go meet them. So we brought in the groceries and let her go. She visited for a few minutes, and the older one exchanged addresses with her (she doesn't live here, but wanted a pen pal). The girl was acting a little funny so I called Taryn back to our yard. It wasn't 5 minutes before the new friend was at the hedge, asking if she could come in the garden. We said it was okay, and Bob went out to keep an eye on things. They played for awhile, but it was getting chilly so ours came in and the friend went home.

Today was William's 4 month birthday. He is SUCH a good baby! Very good natured, very patient, very huggable and happy. Each day I thank God for my surprise.

Bob has new pictures up.


Anonymous said...

As I read, I kept thinking you were going to say that you wondered off onto some real private property where you should not have been., ha. jc

MamaOlive said...

No, we stayed on the path. But we did wonder a time or two. Everyone we met was very friendly.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful day; I'm so glad you got to go. I remember some apprehension or concern about our one trek down the public path at Russ Hill that we might be on private property and that we shouldn't be there.

LC said...

can you log into MyFamily and make sure your email address is up to date? I emailed you about a week or so ago- Chris and I will be in England in June. Did you get that email?

MamaOlive said...

I did not get your email, and I did update my info at myfamily - and Bob added a picture. You can email me at
Be sure to tell me where, when, why, how long, etc. We'd love to see you.

Psalm150girl said...

yup that's england!! :-) I need to email you again, would love to meet all of you... i'll talk to misty & have her arrange something. she's good @ that. :-)