Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dentist, etc

So after lunch Monday I packed up the children and headed to RAFLakenheath. We made it! I didn't even get honked at.

Bob met me at the dentist's parking lot and got in the van with the children while I went in (they went to check the mail). After 30 minutes waiting I had x-rays made, and then saw the dentist. He said as I wasn't in pain, and nothing was urgent they'd just schedule me for an appointment. Yay. I get to have a cavity filled on Valentine's Day. He was very polite and professional, so maybe the work won't be too bad.

So it was 1:30; Bob gets off work at 4ish... So we decided to stick around and come home together. First we got the paperwork to get the van tags. Then Bob went to work and I went to order the tags. Except the car parts store is closed on Monday. So now what? I took the children to the playground. William was still asleep for awhile, so I stayed in the car with him and watched the others through the window. He finally woke up, I fed him, and then I felt the need to move on. William filled his diaper, and then I realized that when I filled the wipe package I forgot to put it back in the diaper bag. So we drove across the parking lot to the shoppette/Taco Bell and used their changing table and napkins. Then I called Bob from the store, and told him where we were.
When he got off work he met us there, we went to the Estate agent in Mildenhall to give them our oil receipt, then back to Taco Bell for supper. The children each had 5 tacos; I do not exaggerate. I shared some of Bob's coke.

That night going to bed the boys did not go to sleep until after 10. I tossed and turned. Riah woke up at 2 and I had to put him back to bed. WIlliam woke up 3 times. And I got up at 6. Bob got up at 5:30. Yawn.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I guess America has decided it doesn't want change, after all. Oh well; 230 some years isn't a bad run for an empire, I guess. Nice knowin' ya.

But let's not go there.

I got to balance my checkbook today! yikes. After 2+ hours on the computer my eyes are about done.

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