Wednesday, 20 February 2008

here I am!

No, I haven't forgotten to blog. Just yesterday when I had the chance, I couldn't remember what we'd done Monday. ha. I remembered last night when Bob started loading up pictures.

Monday was the "American Holiday" President's Day, to celebrate the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington. So Bob had the day off. We didn't do much that morning, but after lunch we went for a short walk to the Cheveley Recreation Grounds.
As we started out our driveway, a neighbor to the west of us called out "Are you getting settled?" Bob answered, and the man walked over, announcing that he is "The old man around here." He's 87, but "still friendly." He told us that an American pilot used to live in the house to our north, and they still email back and forth. His name is Gil, and he was a pilot for the Royal Navy in WW2 - he flew the "Swordfish" and the "Walrus." So he asked Bob what he did, and asked me if Bob took good care of me. And then we went on our way to the park.
There is a big grassy area with two soccer goals, a playground, and a trail through the woods along the edge of the grass. The children headed straight for the playground, and I watched them for a while as Bob took pictures of the flowers and trees. Then Bob came back and we sat and watched the children play. Ella wanted to play the same as the bigger ones, but couldn't quite make it, so she would stand at the ladder and grunt until Taryn and Naysha found a way to haul her up to the platform, and let her slide. I was nursing William or I'd have been right there, all worried about her falling down. But I guess the worry was needless, because she did fine.
The swings were just out of Cedwryck's reach, but Riah said he would hold the swing so Ced could climb up. After the second time of up-and-over and plop! on the ground, they decided to do something else.
Both babies fell asleep on the way home (in the stroller), so we just pushed it inside and let them nap right there in the front hall. Then I attempted to make dinner while Bob checked his breaks and went over to chat with Neighbor Bob and the man on the other side of him, who were outside as well.
I had a meltdown over dinner and ate some candy, but Bob came to my rescue. Scolded me for eating candy, and told me what to cook for dinner and just get on with it. I am having a hard time changing my "stinking thinking," but we shall not give up. I get in this pattern of thinking that nobody likes me, so I might as well be unlikable (to put it simply). Grrr. Dumb ol' devil! I know God is bigger.

Yesterday Bob took his tests to qualify for promotion. He said one part was pretty simple, but the other.... He's hoping he got as high as 50%. We won't find out the scores for some time, and then those scores go into a formula of test results, supervisor feedback, years in service, years in current rank, and then it's all set to a curve based on how many they actually want to promote. I think the 'results' are usually out in May.
Today he did his run, push-ups and sit-ups test. He left his phone at home, so I can't call to find out how he did. Actually called his shop, but he was out.

William is starting to scoot around now. He sure is sweet. Naysha almost knows her alphabet (I mean able to name and write the letters).
Riah just said "oops."
p.s. he broke a pencil off in a screw hole on the rocking horse. No injuries. :-)

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Ganeida said...

Olive, you are one of my all time favourite people so you just tell the devil to go scoot! And what is wrong with eating candy as you cook tea? (I'm just trying not to feel guilty for doing exactly that. Candy is soo much nicer than tea;))