Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Big day

Ever since we got here, it has been my goal to not have to go grocery shopping on a Saturday. To just have ONE weekend where we can do as we like. Since we bought the second fridge, it has seemed a possible dream. I think I made it happen!

Yesterday Bob left for work about 1pm, I put Ella down for a nap and "did school" with the older ones. Then they got socks and shoes on and went out to play. (It was breezy, but partly sunny, and over 50*F.) When Ella got up, I put her socks and shoes and coat on and sent her out, too, while I changed William and fed him once more. Then, about 4, we were finally ready to go.

I had previously decided that we'd go to Burger King for supper. Prior to that decision, I was going to come home and have sandwiches, but I think I forgot the yeast when I started the breadmaker. Either way, the 'bread' came out a fragrant lump.

So on my way, at the first turning (where our road meets High Street) I was trying to see if it was clear - look right, then left, then right again. Looking right, I saw a car go by from the left, that I hadn't seen when I looked left! So I stopped and prayed. Then it was all good til I got to "The Fiveways" - the largest roundabout in the area, so called because it is a 5-way intersection. I knew I needed the 3rd turn off, so I got in the inside lane. It was clear going in, but a large van was on my right, and he was going to the 4th turn off. If I was in a sportster, I'd have gunned it and whipped around him to my exit, but I wasn't, so I didn't. We went ALL the way around, and back to our road. And that is why traffic circles are so much nicer than stop lights. In Abilene you can get away with turning left from the right lane, or doing a U turn, but in most cities you'll get run over if you try. Here, you just keep going around til you get it sorted out - much more forgiving than than the American way. Then we made it!

So first things first - eat. I had a chicken sandwich and a Sprite. The children (between them) had 3 orders of nuggets, 4 hamburgers, and 3 orders of fries. They drank water. They were "still hungry" but I said we needed to go, so we did.

NOW, commissary. I got 3 orders of WIC - that's 4 gallons of milk, 4 pounds of cheese, 6 boxes of cereal, 3 dozen eggs, one jar of peanut butter and 2 pkgs of frozen spinach. Taryn pushed that cart, which also held William (in his car seat) and Ella. Cedwryck sat in the front of my cart, which I loaded up with pears, oranges, grapes, sweet potatoes and salad, some spices I was running low on, 10 pounds of flour, 3 pkgs flour tortillas, 3 boxes of crackers, 8 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of oatmeal, and a few other things. (I counted before we left, and I already have meat for at least 15 meals.) So I dunno, you think that'll last us at least a week?
Riah climbed on the carts, played house with Naysha, and suggested things I ought to buy. Naysha fussed that she wanted in the cart. Ced fussed that he wanted out of the cart. Ella stood in her seat a few times, but Taryn sat her back down. William just watched the world go by. At the checkout, Taryn met a 10 year old girl who was pushing a cart for her Mama. They would have stood and chatted all night, but we called them back to their duties. Then Ella started to fuss, and we realized that she was dirty. So Taryn took her and changed her in the bathroom while I waited for the checker to check. She was training somebody, though she seemed new enough herself, so every move had to be explained before executed. I tried to look impatient but not annoyed. Anyway, it gave everyone an opportunity to use the toilet (for the third time since we left home).

Then we made it home. Phew. When the bagger put the groceries in the back of the van, she stuck the eggs on top and said "there's the eggs" and I thought about taking them up front, but I didn't do it. Sure enough, when we opened the back at home, things started sliding around, and out fell a dozen eggs. Then Riah got them and sprinted to the house, swinging the bag as he went. sigh. As I went out for my second load (my first load having been William and Ella), I saw another dozen eggs fall. Yikes! So as the children carried in the rest of the bags, I checked the eggs. Between the 2 that fell, we lost 10 eggs. I guess if I was thrifty I'd have made a quiche or something on the spot with the cracked ones, but I didn't even think of it till now.

Taryn said that was all of it, and I asked her twice if she got the van closed up. As we were getting ready for bed, there came a knock on the door. It was the neighbor, who had been walking his dogs, saying that our van door was open. I thanked him, put the babies to bed, and went out to close and lock the van. Yay! We did it!

By the time we were settled i was too sleepy to think, so headed to bed at 9:30 (I'd got up at 5;30 that morning). Didn't sleep very well last night, but today is a new day.
And William has a dirty diaper.

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S.A.M. said...

Hey maybe if you got a deep freeze you would only have to shop every 2 weeks.

Oh and congrats on only having a sprite and a chicken sandwich. I know you're trying to lose weight, and smaller portions are the way to do it. Funny thing, today we were over at your mom's house and she has a book on her coffee table called, I think, Foods to Make you lose Weight. I haven't looked through it yet, but it looked interesting. The only one I know off the top of my head is celery, since they say it has 0 calories.

Oh this is getting long, okay back to American Idol for me. :-)