Monday, 25 February 2008

hellooo.....hello...hello.... (as in an echo)

Maybe I'm not interesting anymore and so everyone quit reading. boohoo.


Today Naysha announced that she wants to learn how to read, so she can be in "First Grade." So I got out the phonics alphabet flash cards and she and Riah went through them, saying the name of the letter, and what sound it makes. Then I tried to put 3 letters together to make a word. J - juh - E - eh - T - tuh. J - e- t- What's that say? You'd think we were playing Pictionary; they started shouting out words "Tayrn!" "juice!" I got tickled and had to quit. They got "cab" pretty easy, but "jet" was just too much.

Bob started "swing" shift today. He left a little after 1pm and should be home about midnight. I'm glad William is sleeping in his own room now.

Ooh, another funny.
Friday I made Sweet and Sour chicken wings for supper. Plus made cinnamon rolls for Saturday breakfast, so I was behind a bit. Right as Bob was due to be home and supper was supposed to be ready, but wasn't, William got hungry. So I thought I'd let Taryn make the sauce to pour over the wings. She's been helping me in the kitchen and I figured she could do that much. So I read out the ingrediants to her and she mixed it all together, heated it, and I said "Pour half of it over the two pans there." She reported that she'd put half in each pan. So I told her to put them in the oven, and she had a look of realization dawning, and said, "oh." Instead of pouring the sauce over the chicken, she'd poured it into the frying pan (and dirty saucepan that I'd poured some of the oil into when it was getting too hot) with the used oil. She was ready to cry, but I laughed it off, and since William was about done then, I went to make the sauce for the chicken. Turned out really good - we all got stuffed.

oh, yeah.

Remember back when we went to church in Cheveley, and we thought it was odd that the Reformed Church was in fellowship with the Anglican churches of the neighboring villages? Hehehe. When we walked through town last week we made a discovery. There are TWO churches on High Street in Cheveley. The ANGLICAN church we went to before, in the old, pretty building, AND the Reformed Church in a modern building next to the school. OOOh. So Sunday we went to the Reformed Church. They are also a small gathering, and the service follows a form. Sing, read, sing, pray, read, sing, preach, sing, communion, sing. And a few more prayers and an offering. But it was warm in there. All the attendees were older than us; two live on our street; one is the mother of a young man Bob met last month at the photography club. Anyway, it wouldn't be our style of church normally, but we are thinking about attending more or less (maybe alternating with the Mildenhall Baptist). It would be nice to be close, to get to know people, to be able to help out and maybe put out a root or two. Everyone said how nice it was to have the children, and how well they behaved. They served real wine with communion, but we let Taryn go ahead anyway,a s it's such a small glass. Bob said afterward that he figured wine wouldn't be too bad. Now I don't drink, and if I ever have had any, it was at communion before (oh, and once I had a cake in Iceland with balls on top that were full of Sherry- that's a mistake I'll not repeat), so I didn't expect to like it. But I also didn't expect it to burn all the way down and hang out in my chest for an hour afterwards. Bob said it hit him too: was more like whiskey than wine. Oh well, now we don't have to worry about Taryn wanting to start drinking when she's older. ewww.

I didn't lose any weight last week; too many cheats, I guess. Today I put a book I'm reading (The black fox of Lorne) up in front of me and went to walking on the cross trainer. I finished the book and made it to 33 minutes - I'd been managing 16 minutes. True, I didn't get as intense with it as if I was concentrating on exercising, but I was able to go for the longer time, which is supposed to be good for me. Now I need a new book to read.

Well, it's time for bed on this side of the world.


Anonymous said...

Shari, I enjoy reading your blog, even when I don't comment. And always get a chuckle from the children's adventures/misadventures.

Tell Taryn even experienced (old) cooks make mistakes. The last time I made sweet-sour chicken wings, I had no rice vinegar, so I added a little rice wine with regular white vinegar. Cooked it, but it didn't taste right. Dumped it all out and almost didn't have enough of the regular vinegar to make a second batch of sauce... it still tasted odd and I was getting really upset because I was supposed to take the dish to Granny's for all the extended family. THEN I happened to turn the recipe card over and realized that I had not added the SOY SAUCE! That's why it didn't taste right, the first time or the second!

MamaOlive said...

That's too funny. I had some brown rice vinegar that Taryn used in the first batch, but it ran out on the second round, so I made up the rest with plain vinegar. It also finished up my soy sauce.
I have my recipe on plain paper, so it's all right in front of me.

Thanks for the comment. :-) If I had a view tracker I wouldn't mind so much, I think. But as it is, comments are the only way I know someone has read it. I think I'd do it for myself anyway, now.

Anonymous said...

I also read everything and sometimes anxiously wait for the next adventure. Keep those fingers typing and the legs walking. I heard a woman on the radio the other day (Fitness for His Witness - they have a website but I have not been there) say something like this, "Seeds of self-discipline planted for Him will grow and produce."jc

Elisaid said...

Shari, I always read but don't always comment. If you're still reading me on your way through to here you know what bedlam it is on my side of the world.

When my Lid was about 4ish I was doing the remedial reading program at the school & I've always been phonics based. Lid used to have to tag along. One day I overheard her instructing an older child; huh, huh, Ach says huh!' Only trouble, it wasn't an ach!

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, JC. It's good to feel important sometimes.

Elisaid: that you, Jeannie? I'm on Bob's computer still, so I actually get to you from your comments here. Did I miss the one where you started over again? ...gotta go see... I can't see your new blog, as I'm not invited. boo-hoo. :-)

Ganeida said...

Hi Shari, sorry about that. Dearest interupted at the vital moment & I didn't notice I had the wrong user name up. Don't worry about not being invited to the other. I'm doing some experimenting ~ I thought in *private* but apparently not anymore. lol. Mostly pictures for the family but I've been looking for blogger heads & after what happened when I experimented last time I thought I'd burn & crash somewhere where it didn't matter & I wouldn't have a complete meltdown. If you really want to see I'll link you but truely, not worth feeling excluded! :)

MamaOlive said...

Ganeida, I see. No worries about inviting me; as long as I get the gossip, I'm happy. ;-)

S.A.M. said...

If it makes you feel any better your blog is a part of my nightly internet fix. I do facebook, my gossip sites, then your blog, then flickr, and then rinse and repeat. I just don't always comment because I don't always have something to say. I'll try to drop by more often. ;-)

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, S.A.M. (What does that stand for, anyway?).

You guys are all great.

Now I feel pressured to write everyday instead of every few days, like I have been. (Teach me to beg!)

S.A.M. said...

S.A.M. is smart aleck Marline. :-)