Monday, 11 February 2008


How could I forget?

I bought Bob a sleep mask from; it was here two days later. While not fancy, it should help.

Saturday while we were eating at Popeye's I chipped off a piece of my tooth that is waiting to be filled.

Last Tuesday I put up a mini clothes line in the back 'garden.' So now I do my laundry as one estate agent recommended: stuff the washer as full as possible, then put about 1/2 that in the dryer. This way the dryer is closer to being done when the washing is done. I also feel very homey and British and "green" all at the same time while hanging up the clothes to dry. ha.

Yesterday afternoon, as Bob was heading to bed he remembered that he'd forgotten to iron his uniform, so I said I'd do it. He was up again before the children went to bed (when I was planning to do it), but a promise is a promise. We brought his (fairly new) iron from USA with us, and he'd used it before through the transformer. But I wasn't paying attention and thought it was dual voltage or something, and plugged it straight into the wall, with just a plug adapter. I got the pants done, and was 1/2 way through the shirt when it started beeping and we noticed smoke coming from the innards. So I unplugged it and Bob carried it outside and set it on the patio, still smoking. It was quite stinky and a little exciting. But other than the iron itself, no harm done. I wonder if Bob told the guys at work, like a comedian we saw on youtube, that his wife has iron deficiency. We were both pretty amused by the whole thing. I said if it was the other way around, I would think he'd done it on purpose so I wouldn't ask him to iron anymore. I am blessed that he thinks more kindly of me than that.


Anonymous said...

Soon you'll have all new appliances! jc

MamaOlive said...

At this rate, we sure will. Good thing we like shopping. :-)