Thursday, 21 February 2008

Didn't I already have a bad day this week?

So things are looking up now, but here's how the day started:

I finished my breakfast and was going to put some ingredients in the breadmaker when William woke up, so I stopped to feed him. This left the boys unsupervised st the table, and they soon started a food fight with their cereal. (I'm not buying flakes for them anymore!) (When they finished, I made them pick it up, and Taryn vacuumed.)

I looked for my receipt from my Pampered Chef Professional Family skillet, because it is all not non-stick anymore and I want to return it (lifetime guarantee and all that) but I can't find it. So that's $100 lost.

I found a bread recipe I wanted to try - it said it was a 1 1/2lb loaf, and we usually eat a 2lb loaf in one sitting, so I added 1/3 to the amounts. Next time I went in the kitchen I checked, and it had 1/2 hours left, and was already touching the top of the machine! So I turned it off, divided the dough in half, and put each half in a greased loaf pan, oh wait! My butter was all in the freezer, so I had a hard time greasing the pans. Then they rose in the "airing cupboard" and I baked them in the oven. It is yummy bread.

I was changing Ced's diaper when Riah started screaming bloody murder. I got the diaper on and went to meet him. Riah was hopping down the hall, holding one foot, which I noticed right away had two bloody toes. I had him in the tub (to rinse it off) before he was calm enough to tell me what happened. He was running through the living room and ran his toe into the tile fireplace surround. So I got that rinsed off and sanitized and dried and applied the bandaid.

Then I was teaching Taryn how to clean a toilet when Ella went in the living room by herself. Apparently she threw up a little bit, and in trying to clean it up she wiped it all over Bob's laptop. I cleaned it up the best I could, but the mousepad wouldn't work. So I turned the computer off and immediately thought of all the things I needed to do on the computer.

I know there's more, but I can't remember it now.

Anyway, I decided to check the computer later and it works now.
The bread stuck in one pan, but it is very good.
Ella isn't sick.
I didn't eat anything to make it all better.
Riah is hobbling around pretty good.

So all things considered, it could have been a lot worse.

Bob ALMOST passed his test yesterday. There is a formula (or course!) combined of running, pushups, situps, and waist measurement. All he lacks is 1 inch off his waist, 3 more situps, and/or 1 minute off his running time, to pass. He'll retest in a month, more or less.

Time to clean the kitchen and make dinner.

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