Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Weekend edit

As it's too late to actually change the wording in my last post (you having already read it) I decided to post an amendment.

Our hands got STIFF, not STILL from the cold. Bob caught that one.

Also, I forgot the first half of the day Saturday.
Since we got here in December, I have been planning to go to a "home party fair" at Lakenheath Community Center on Feb 2. So before we went to Castle Acre we had to go by there. They had venders from Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Princess House, some makeup people, baskets, candles, etc. I bought a discontinued serving spoon from Princess House (cash and carry; list price $25, paid $10) and ordered a new scoop from Pampered Chef. Then we picked up burgers at Burger King and headed out to the Priory.
That's why I said we went "back" to the base afterwards.

So now you know.

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