Thursday, 7 February 2008

The fine art of conversation...

...With an 18 month old.

Ella has really been trying to talk with us. Every day we get the following conversation:

Ella: Mama (or Daddy)! Mama!!

me (or Bob): Yes?

Ella: Umm

me: Do you need something?

Ella: Mo.

(Mo is no and it is the answer to every question. The more she means "yes" the longer and more mournful the "mo" becomes.)

She likes looking at pictures, so I'm working on getting her to recognize the extended family members. Most people are "yiah." (Riah) She saw one of William yesterday, said "baby" and turned to point at the real-life William; she knows who her baby is.

On other news...
I ordered Bob a sleep mask from and it got here today. He goes to night shift this Monday at midnight. This Thursday he has to take me to the dentist at 2pm, and Friday I have dr visits (checkups) for the 4 little ones at 7am. Then NEXT Monday is Bob's test for promotion, and Tuesday is his physical fitness test. so, Yay! "Count it all joy..." He says there is no longer a "fat boy program" in the Air Force. You get 3 chances to pass the test and then you are kicked out. So he's a little stressed already about the test - he's just not a runner, and that is what he has to do.

We got our tax refund last week! Haven't spent any yet. I think we will open another CD soon to have some money for retirement. Maybe the housing market will keep declining from now til then and we can get a good deal when we come back to the states. Not that I'm wishing bad things on other people... but a slow or stop to inflation would be a good thing.

Time for Ella's nap.


kimba said...

What do you mean by a "CD". I assume it is a kind of Bank Account and not a compact disc,lol, given the context.

Anonymous said...

Re: the fitness test. Does the Air Force compensate for age in the running part? I sure hope so. I was never a runner but could walk very, very fast. A lot of friends could never keep up. Today, a brisk walk is a challenge. jc

MamaOlive said...

Kimba - CD is for Certificate of Deposit; like a savings account but with more rules and a higher interest rate.

JC - Yes, the Air Force does give a little credit for age. As Bob turned 40 this December he won't have to go as fast, or do quite so many sit-ups and push-ups as the younger guys. But it is still a challenge.