Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Wasn't there supposed to be a lunar eclipse last night? Yahoo (my home page) mentioned it in the headlines a week ago, but yesterday and today there was nothing. Oh well.

So, I'm gonna put this out there... Anyone who's seen me knows I'm overweight anyway....
I eat out of habit when I'm stressed or bored, and right before bed. It's a bad habit and Taryn is trying to pick it up. So I'm "giving up sweets for Lent." (ha. I don't have a liturgical bone in my body.) But I am committing to not graze on chocolate (or whatever) from now til Resurrection Day. It's only 6 weeks, and I still get weekends off. I'm also going to exercise.
Why the hubbub? I've gained back 10 of my pregnancy pounds, that I had lost already. I've got to get this under control if I want a long and happy life. I really don't think lack of discipline in this area glorifies God, and that's what I'm supposed to do. So there it is.

The weather has been picture perfect all week. We get a frost each night, and then it warms up to mid-50's by noon. It is perfectly clear once the fog burns off, and it's all we can do to stay inside. I want to take the children to the playground, but the girls' room is a total wreck and we can't even find bloomers for them. Naysha tends to shove everything in her pretend washing machine and say she's taken care of it.

Time for breakfast.

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Ganeida said...

Oh hun, I feel for you. It's one area that's never been an issue for me but Hubby suffers & his meds don't help. Prayers for you.