Sunday, 23 December 2007

Cathing up

I was gonna do a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday post, but figured it was too late to start a play-by-play.

Suffice it to say Bob only worked til 10am Friday, we got the paperwork done to rent the house, get our furniture and the "loaner" stuff delivered, and clear our van through customs.

Saturday instead of going to a 15th-century moated manor house with a re-enactment of a Victorian Christmas Tea, we went to the "fun zone" at Mildenhall. It's an indoor children's play area with comfy couches and free wi-fi for the grown-ups. Next door, inside the same building, is a coffee shop; on the other side is a game room with pool, foosball, and video games. In a fenced-off corner of the play room is an exercise room, which would be cool if the play room wasn't so crowded. The children all had a good time.

Today we went to church in the "redundant" church just off RAF Lakenheath. (If the Church of England builds a new church in a parish, or combines parishes, the old building becomes redundant.) It is now the "New Beginnings International" church. We were the only white people there; kinda felt funny at first, but once we began to worship it didn't matter anymore. It was all base people. (I mean people from the base, not people of the baser sort.)

I had lots of things planned to occupy the children and myself while Bob was at work, but he hasn't been to work so we haven't done any of them. I do enjoy being all together.

We went to the commissary this afternoon to stock up to get through Christmas. Came home and had peanut butter sandwiches, and Bob had to go back to get more bread and peanut butter. Taryn had 3 or 4 whole sandwiches, Naysha had 3 or 4 halves, and the boys had 5 halves each, I think. Then oranges. Then chips for some. Then dessert! This, after not having lunch til nearly 2pm - and they ate a lot then, too. Naysha had a burger and an order of nuggets, the boys both had 2 orders of nuggets and french fries, Taryn had a burger and lots of french fries. What will they do when they are teens?

Well, I want to play a game, so that'll do.


Ganeida said...

A joyous Christmas to you all! Being a day ahead of you it is already Christmas eve here. I have set Ditz to making the cheesecake before she explodes from excitement!

MamaOlive said...

ooo, real cheesecake.

I bought one of those nasty no-bake cheesecake mixes. Well, it's okay, but not really in the cheesecake food group.

Merry Christmas to you!

Ganeida said...

lol. Ours requires no baking ~ just cream cheese, condensed milk & lemon juice with a biscuit base. Yummy, yummy. It doesn't go far round this lot.

Constance said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! We are behind you so it's Christmas Eve morning here in Texas. Wishes for this Christmas to be filled with promise,
expectancy & hope!