Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Once again desiring to do "something fun" we woke up and started trying to find something on the internet.

We settled on driving to Newmarket and then taking the train to Cambridge. It was Taryn's Christmas wish to ride the train. We tried to find something happening in Cambridge, and Bob saw something about "Lessons and Carols" that sounded cool. Come to find out, other people think so, too. I read the fine print - it starts at 3pm, and it's recommended that you be in line for a seat by 9am, though there is no guarantee you'll get in. Oh, well, it was a thought.
By the time we got our thoughts together and were ready to go it was lunch time. So we went through the drive through and got everybody a burger. I drove Bob's car and he drove the rental to the rental place, because the van was due back by 4:30. We left Bob's car there and went on to Newmarket. Found the station, no thanks to the map, and went to check train times. There is one track at the newmarket station, and one train that goes back and forth to Cambridge on one side and to Ipswich on the other. We had a few minutes (like 20), so we kinda hung around. The boys ran laps around the shelter where the girls sat. Bob paced and ate his burger (you can't eat while driving here). The "station" is so small you can't even buy tickets here; you buy them from the person on the train.

We made it to Cambridge. Somehow I had all 4 little ones with me, and Bob got a seat by himself. Good thing it was only 20 minutes. Then we got on a bus to the city center. Then we walked and looked for a toilet. Each city in England is only allowed one toilet, and it's required to be well hidden, crowded, and have at least one stall out of order. Or so it seems. It was market day, very crowded. We saw a bagpiper and, later, a brass band trio playing Christmas tunes.

We actually went into 2 stores, but the only thing we bought was a snack. Bob was in a hurry to get back and turn in the van.

So back on the bus, then the train, then the car back home. We all came in, then Bob took the van back to the rental place. Turns out they were already closed, so he left the keys in the slot and came home just in time to pick up some fried chicken for dinner.

It was a pretty good trip, though the boys were almost run over once. We were in a pedestrian area, but cars are allowed "for access" and we crossed the street, but the boys got behind, so the car started to go. I grabbed for them, the car stopped, and we hurried across. The driver rolled down his window and was really jabbering at me, but with the noise and the accent I couldn't understand a word. I imagine he was apologizing.

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