Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Just a brief minute to gripe!
Today is our last day with the van, and we were gonna smush in as many houses as possible. But the estate agent we saw the other day won't answer his mobile, and another house Bob got info from the housing office won't answer either. They had voicemail, but haven't called back. Sigh.

So I thought I'd at least look at mobile plans and have some info for Bob when he gets home, but my internet disconnects every 20 minutes or so, so that is hard.

And to top it off, I have this horrid headache. Have had it for several days. I guess it's sinuses - you know in the commercials they show that glowing area on your face labeled "sinus pressure". Well, I feel this line of EXTREME pressure right above my eyebrows. I'm getting tired of Advil and Tylenol, but I guess I'll get some more because it does help.

So I'm off to look for houses again. Maybe SOMEone will answer the phone today!


Constance said...

Good Morning from North Texas! I'm stopping by and sending some bloggy friendship wishes to you and your family. Ganeida's Nest sent me on over! Reading your blog should be fun and interesting as you try and relate life in Europe to the rest of us back here on this side of the pond!

Ganeida said...

Ugh. Praying you guys get a house soon though I seem to remember Jesus was homeless one Christmas too. :)

Anonymous said...

my two cents about sinuses... get a neti pot and do a saline rinse,
OR my method which is mix slightly warm MILDLY salty water in a cup and pour into the palm of your hand. (do over a sink or in the shower) Gently sniff the salty water into your nose and ifyou need you can do a little more of a snort to get it up to your sinuses. Start mild and gentle, then go more salty and stronger sniff as you get used to it. I haven't had a head cold or cough in almost 4 years since a nurse first gave me this advice.
It will drain and clean your nasal passages. (it does sting a bit like getting pool water up your nose, but if you do it early in the game before there is infection it really doesn't hurt at all.