Friday, 14 December 2007

ps on the food thing and misc

I forgot to mention that the coke (and other sodas) here are made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Tastes a little weird, but that's a good thing as they are pretty pricey.

The water here (as in, on base) is very nasty so we are buying it by the gallon. If it's nasty in our house, too, we may look into the 5 gallon cooler things.

Today is Bob's birthday. He is 40. And celebrating by house-hunting alone. He did get a stereo for his new car, and a box of Belgium chocolates. Happy birthday, baby; I love ya.

We thought about going on a "day trip" with the base, but one got canceled and the other is full. I found a third, but I don't know if I want to go on it - 3 1/2 hour drive both ways to a Victorian Village that's decked out for Christmas. They leave at 6:30 am. Maybe we'll walk down to the playground instead.

Can't wait for Bob to get home and tell me about the house he saw today. I guess he went on to another because that one should have been done with long ago.

This is a little funny. This other house I want him to see was listed with the base office. It has "massive rooms" (I think the master bedroom is listed as 14x16) and is a converted 1800's farmhouse. So Bob called the number, only to find the contact person listed is a friend of a person who's just sold the house. But after a friendly chat, they come up with an email address for Bob to write to. They answer and forward to the new owner. The new owner calls me back to say he's out of the country for a month, but if we want to see the place... Do we know where it is? I say we can find it. He warns me that it's a very small village, and that I should go to the butcher's - the butcher's name is Alastair - and he will give us the key to the house. IF the owner can just find the butcher's number, he'll give him a ring and advise him that we are coming. The house is "just opposite" the butcher's and the man thinks it would suit our family as it's so big.

Everyone just gives us this jaw-dropped stare when we say we have 6 children. We are used to looks, and grandmothers saying how nice it is, but this is different. People just cannot believe it. I must work at getting them to behave better (they used to!) so more people will think it's a good thing.


Ganeida said...

We didn't find the food so different but it was certainly pricey compared to what we're used to & the fruit was exorbitant, especially anything tropical. It never seemed to have ripened properly either.

S.A.M. said...

First off Happy Birthday to Bob!

Wow you've really dived into this blogging thing. I'm hoping you guys can find a nice house soon so you'll feel more settled. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures in England. Your writing reminds me of the way Wil writes, it's like I can hear you talking.

I think I would like food made with real sugar. I have no idea why we use corn syrup here instead. Unless it's like that beet cane sugar they use in some Dr.Pepper, I just couldn't drink that stuff.

Anyhoo, happy house hunting!

Anonymous said...

Well? Well? House yet? I am really into the old farmhouse house idea! Anyway, thanks for posting so often.

ps. Chris and I may come see you next summer....

MamaOlive said...

I know, I missed today. Working on it!

Look forward to seeing you, Lorella.