Saturday, 15 December 2007

moving on

Well, Bob did go see the farmhouse. When he first got to the butcher's, he was out to lunch. So Bob went down the road and got a hamburger from a roadside stand. He says we must remember to not do that again. Then he got the key to the house and had a look around. He really liked the place - it had "loads" of character - open fireplaces, exposed beams, etc, etc. But after thinking it over both carefully and well, we had to pass. The main problem was there is no lawn. The house is on the street in the front, and the back is a stone-paved courtyard. Steps were rickety in places, and just no where to send the children to play. Also several of the exterior doors were swollen shut and could not be opened. And (if we needed another reason) they have electric heat, which is the most expensive option, and still the old single-pane windows. So it would be pricey to keep warm, if possible at all. Big sigh. But at least he got to see it.

We passed on the tour today - way too early and not worth it. Instead we called about a dozen other houses to let (that's how they say for rent) in the area. Bob has appointments for the next 3 days.

Then we went to "The Great Little Pizza Place" on base. UGH. We called ahead and they said it would be an hour. Okay, we have to walk up there anyway, so no big deal. After we get there and wait awhile we asked and they said about 20 minutes. Well, you do what you can. Their dough press was broken so they have to toss all the pizzas by hand. Then the cook comes out and says the oven messed up and they have to start over because everything was burnt - if you want to leave, come get a refund. Most everybody left, so we thought we'd do okay. It was nearly an hour after that when we finally get the pizza, and wouldn't you know it, they brought two beef instead of one beef and one ham! Bob was ready to give them what for when the cook came out with a ham pizza and said just keep the extra beef one, too. By this time Ella was so tired and hungry that she cried all through dinner, but managed to eat a couple slices at that.

Today is Mom's birthday. I called her for a few minutes; I've missed talking to the folks every couple of days.

I didn't have a headache for the first time today! Thanks Connie for praying.

We have about decided on a cell phone. That's nutsy! The cheap rates have expensive phones; the cheap phones are sold out; everybody has hidden charges and hidden bonuses. But looks like we'll get a company called '3' and have 300 minutes a month for 15GBP. Way cheaper than anything you can get in the states.

Anyway, William needs Mama, so hopefully that tied up all the ends from yesterday.


Ganeida said...

Good news about the headache but the house could be an issue. New ones in Britain are like hen's teeth ~ rare; very rare. Will just keep praying until the right one turns up.

Constance said...

Our family lives in a double wide so anytime we were transeferred with my hubby's job, we just packed everythign up, put wheels on the darn thing and off we would go! Somehow I'm sure that wasn't an option in your situation! Hopefully, this week will bring brighter news!