Monday, 17 December 2007

a decision?

Yesterday we walked to the base chapel for church. They have the following services: Liturgical, Evangelical, Gospel, and Casual. We chose the evangelical service, and it wasn't bad. The chaplain even mentioned Jesus a few times. We were greeted by the chaplain of the gospel service, and he asked about our religious preferences. He is UPC. After service there was a dinner, so we stayed, being sick of Taco Bell. Some people talked to us and made us feel welcome.

After church Bob and Taryn went to see a house in Feltwell, but about 10 minutes later they came back. The radiator in the new car is done. So he called and canceled his two house-viewing appointments. The Feltwell people called back and asked if they could come pick him up. Sure, why not? Bob said the house was pretty nice, but after they heard we had 6 children they discouraged us from renting it. Said we'd be too crowded and want out in 6 months. oh, well.

This morning Bob had an appointment to see a house in Lakenheath, so he called a taxi to take him out there. Not long after he left, the estate agency called to cancel the appointment because they didn't have the key to the house. I guess I was a little harsh with the receptionist. She called back to ask if they could give us a ride out to see it later on. I said my main concern was for Bob standing out there at the house in the cold, not knowing what is going on. (I'd looked for his shop number to call, but couldn't find it.) So they sent the agent out to pick him up. He was very sorry about the trouble, and took Bob to the car rental place. Bob rented a van and came home. Then we called the agent back and set up a viewing for this afternoon. Had lunch, went back to the house in Lakenheath. It's about 5 minutes form base, which is a good thing since we started late and had to go back because we were out of gas.
Saw that house. It is a former base house; has American electric outlets and forced-air heat and closets, all of which are rare here. Kinda blah looking, no garage. He had 3 others for us to see.

The next one, in Cheveley, near Newmarket, was pretty nice. 2 big living rooms plus a study, fireplace, closets, large bedrooms. But only 1 bath, and the garage is across the street. I really liked it, liked the yard, the village, the living rooms.

Then to a house being worked on in Newmarket. It will be really nice. Has a shower and a bath room. But very small yard, and the clothes dryer is in the garage (washer is in the kitchen). Also they want a bit much and we are afraid even if they come down, it will go up when we renew the lease.

Then to a house in Beck Row, right outside Mildenhall base. It was 3 floors; Living, dining, kitchen down, then two bedrooms each with a closet and shower plus the "family bath," the top floor had two small rooms with sloping ceilings. The living room had wood floor and the dining had carpet. The yard was small, and we are unsure of the parking.

So we came home, really wanting to make a decision tonight. Thought and talked. Prayed and talked and thought.
I'd choose Cheveley, but Bob thinks one we saw last week in Red Lodge is better. Bigger yard, closer to base, has a conservatory and utility room, and good parking area plus garage big enough to work in. So tomorrow we'll call about it and see if it's still available, and find out what to do next.

He ordered a new radiator for the Honda.
We are looking for something to do fun and Christmassy this weekend.

Well, there is lots more, I'm sure, but only one computer can get online, so I need to let Bob have his turn.


Wil said...

Shari, sounds like a frustrating time, but at least it's one that will produce many interesting stories.

I'm glad you started a blog. Combined with your Flickr accounts, this should be a great way for all of us to keep in touch with you.


Wil said...

I think I forgot to mention, but I put my Christmas portraits of the kids in this gallery:

If you'd like prints, it's easy (and inexpensive) to order straight from that site.

S.A.M. said...

Hopefully by the time you read this you'll have your house. I actually liked the description of the Beck House the most. I've always wanted 3 floors. But do any of the houses have basements? Also do you get to buy the house, or just lease, and if you lease can you fix up the house (i.e. ad an extra room, paint, or knock down a wall, or remove carpet from the dining room). I'm glad you found a place to worship, but will this be permanent or will you try to find a church off base that is your denomination. Best of luck!!!

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Wil.
Marline, None of the houses we've looked at have a basement. We've read descriptions of one or two that had a "cellar" but haven't seen any yet.
We will be renting. It's possible to buy a house here, but the process is unfamiliar and more difficult than in the states. We haven't talked to the landlady about being able to do any work, but we will.
Thanks for reading.

CassieHumble said...

I saw the link to your blog on Wil's. Thought I'd drop by and say hello. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope you find the right home pretty soon. You guys have a merry Christmas!

Constance said...

Holy Smokes!
Hang tight to one another during this time and don't let satan come between you. I sense this is a really stressful time in your lives and he would love nothing more than to spread discord and havoc throughout your family! If it's one thing he hates, it's families!

I hope I'm not coming on too strong it's just something that I feel is important to remember.

We've moved several times with my hubby's job, none as intense as your move though and satan did his level best to get us at each other's throats!

Keeping a blog/journal is a good way to release the frustrations and tensions so that you don't turn on one another!

Geez, what a killjoy I am huh?

Seriously, I hope you all find something wonderfully Christmasy to rejuvenate your hearts and minds and keep you hopeful!

Ganeida said...

Praying. I liked the sound of the one you liked & I don't think English homes come with what you guys mean by a basement.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE house hunting. Wish I could be there to help you. Love reading about it. jc

CassieHumble said...

I totally forgot what I actually meant to say in my last comment.. that was about the church services. That is an interesting group of choices. All we have are catholic, protestant, or episcipal. Exciting, huh?

MamaOlive said...

Connie, Thanks for the reminder. Bob and I haven't been comunicating the way we should, and sometimes it shows.

Cassie, good to see you!

JC, I like looking, too. I enjoy seeing the different styles and ideas in all the houses. It's the choosing itself that is stressful.