Saturday, 20 September 2008

all to myself

I didn't want to post prematurely, but it seems that William has been weaned. It's been 4 days since he last nursed.
This means that, for the first time in 7 years I am neither nursing nor pregnant. My body is mine! Wow, what a deal. :-)

Today we went to Lakenheath for a Flea Market, and got a few boys' clothes and a few toys, then ate lunch, went to the playground (sunny again!!), then the commissary. After coming home and unpacking the car I made Riah's birthday cake, heated frozen pizza for supper, and got the children to bed. For the last 1 1/2 hours I have been chatting with Bob on Yahoo Messenger and looking at chocolate cake recipes online. I need 2 cakes for this birthday (he wants a big castle), so I cheated and made one with a mix. The other, I picked from a Hershey cookbook, and it fell on cooling, so I need to do again. It may be the fault of the recipe or the baking (I guess it was undercooked), but the batter wasn't awesome so I am looking for another recipe. So many recipes call for 3 9" pans, and I only want 2; this is to be layered and decorated so I want it not too crumbly, but moist and fluffy and good and chocolaty. If I made a choc cake every week I'd have a standard by now. My new favorite cake is a 3 layer, so I can't use it.

Tomorrow I guess we will go to a boot sale and then to a "Gala Day" at an animal health place just down the road. Don't tell, but they are having a "fancy dress" competition and I might take the boys' costumes. There is supposed to be a dog show as well. And then there's the cake decorating and the house cleaning, as Riah wants it clean for his borthday on Monday.
If I was my mother, I'd be up all night baking, but as it is, I'm headed for bed.


Ganeida said...

I don't know whether to congratulate you or not. (((hugs)))

MamaOlive said...

Yeah. We aren't "done," but it is nice to take a break and let things catch up.