Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Yes, I survived another one - not mine, but Riah's.

I had planned a couple of lovely blog posts, including one just about the cake, but I just don't have time. Bob is supposed to be home tomorrow, so I have some cleaning up to do. Maybe after he's home a day or two the children will calm down and I'll be able to blog regularly again.
It's not so much about whether people even read it. I need to have things written down because I'm unable to retain the memory otherwise. If I write it down, my brain dumps it even more, but then I can go back and see what I said about a thing.
Frustrating, because in a month or a year I will wonder what I did for Riah's 5th, and all I'll know is that I was so tired and frazzled the next day!

maybe I can sneak in a few words? He had a good day being completely lazy. The cake passed inspection, and he got some presents he liked - books from a friend, money and stickers from my parents, and from me his binoculars repaired, a robin hood Playmobil toy, a Robin Hood puzzle, a Robin Hood costume (don't tell, but when Disney made it they thought it was Peter Pan. hehe), and wooden puzzle shape blocks things (Oh, they 're called pattern blocks).
Our friends the Harris family came over for dinner of Sloppy Joshes, fruit salad, and corn and green beans, and stayed for cake and presents.

I'd been up til 1:30 the night before, chatting with Bob on Yahoo IM. Oik!

He also had balloons, purple streamers, and a big banner.

I have some pictures on my Flickr site. to see them, click on the highlighted words.

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Ganeida said...

lol. I thought that's what you've been doing. I kept seeing you on~line :D but I didn't want to interrupt anything!

Congrats on surviving another birthday!