Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Bob arrived home safely about 11:30 this morning. With no sleep the night before, he had a good homemade lunch and went to take a nap. :-) He bought me an Icelandic silver ring, to replace a pewter ring I'd bought myself there back in the day, and a bottle of water. He got Azariah a viking hat for his birthday, and both boys a teddy bear with an Icelandic flag shirt on, and each of the girls an Icelandic pony on a key ring. Very cute.

He has off from work until Monday, but will go in Friday for paperwork. We also have the homeschool group field day on Friday.

So that's that.


Dawn said...

I am glad your hubby is home safe and sound. :)

Nice gifts he brought back for everyone!

Ganeida said...

After the post before this I'm not sure quite what to say. Hehehe.;D

Funny how we miss the *difficult men* in our lives. Or maybe yours isn't.

MamaOlive said...

Lol. He hasn't been a bit difficult since he got home. :-) I'm sure it won't last; after all, I have a lot of growing to do.