Sunday, 14 September 2008


I wonder why I have been blogging less since Bob has been gone. You'd think I'd want more connection to other people, not less. anyway.

William is starting to let go when standing. I think he will be my oldest baby to start walking, as he's already 11 months.

We went on base today and bought Taryn a "used" bicycle - brand new, really, for $60. The previous owners are moving to Nebraska. Since we were there, they gave us a box full of groceries that they didn't pack up to take with them. It was probably worth $60 by itself (though a few things I won't use, like Hamburger Helper), so I think I got a good deal on the bike. Yes, I lifted it over my head and tied it to the top of the van to bring home.
As it was a nice day again, we went to a playground for an hour or so, and then did a quick stop at the commissary for a few things that I forgot/talked myself out of last time. We went to the self checkout lane so the girls got to play cashier.

Today was our 12 year anniversary. Bob is working tonight, so I almost didn't even get to talk to him. It's a good thing I'm not as sentimental as I used to be.

My memory seems to be getting worse. I know there were things I'd thought of throughout the day that were blog worthy, but I don't know what they were. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Edited to add:
Oh, I remembered something. Coming home today, just past the FiveWays roundabout while I was still going slow, I was passed by 14 Lotus cars all in a line, plus one Jaguar and one other expensive looking car. (Maybe a Ferrari) It was interesting.


Ganeida said...

Try menopause for brain damage! 80

I'd go into damage control mode but I never remember what it is I've forgotten.

Congrats on the anniversary. An event of note in our day & age.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary dear friend!!!

12 years is a long time on this day and age to be married...and to the same person! :-)

When we were clearing our 'quarters' in Germany we gave our neighbor with 4 children all our food and he was greatful. I think he had a huge BBQ the following weekend with everything we gave. :-)

We seen a red Ferrari on the Autobahn in Germany once. Robert was We tried to catch up to it in our little Cavalier but the Ferrari left us in the

Hope you have had a good start to the week!


S.A.M. said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!I'm guessing a fabulous Icelandic gift will be awaiting you when Bob returns. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anniversaries aren't on my calendar as birthdays are, so I tend to forget them; sorry I missed saying "happy anniversary!"

I had to wiki lotus cars, had no idea. I don't worry about forgetting things -- what's bothersome is that I can go in a store and not know what half the stuff is for, or read a blog and not know what is being talked about! I'm not sure I can keep up to date! mums

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, all. :-)
Mom, At least you know what Wiki is. ;-) I looked it up, too, because seeing the name "Lotus" on the back of the car didn't tell me much.

S.A.M. Before Bob left for Iceland, I told him to buy something for me. But today I got a beautiful letter from him that is worth more than any gift.

How's this for brain damage...
When we were at the park Sunday, I was pushing Cedwryck on the swing and decided to do a head count. William with me, the three girls together on the basket swing, Riah running to the slide... Where's Cedwryck??! A quick glance around the park, and I found him - still being pushed by me on his swing. LOL.