Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Riah's Song

The children have been making up songs lately, and tonight Azariah asked me to write his down so we could learn it and sing it together.
Sung more or less to the tune of Jesus Loves Me...

I Love Jesus, by Riah
Jesus loves me and I love Him
And Jesus will never be dead
While He's in Heaven He will make
Something that is our home
And we will never change a home
Because it will be Heaven
And we will not be going to Heaven right now
Because He is not coming yet
And we will be honoring God
When we get to Heaven someday

And we will not fuss about working
Because we will not fuss about dying
And we will stay for Him
Because Jesus will be died on a cross
He won't be crying
But still He will have children today
And tonight he will have children
Because He will never forget somebody

I had to cut him off at that point, or he would have gone on all night.
Naysha's was a bit simpler:

Jesus died on the cross
For us
Jesus was born in Bethleham
And He died on a cross for our sins
Jesus died on a cross


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that sounds just like a kid. How funny. Im not sure about th epart about not fussing about dying though. I sorta fuss about that part myself.

Anonymous said...

Tell them Gram likes their songs.
love, mums

LC said...

Those are precious!
I have one who makes up songs daily. Wish I had written some down.