Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Recently a friend confided in me that her husband was "difficult." :-) I got to thinking about the term, and I wonder how many women would say the men in their lives are difficult men. Husband, father, brother(s), son(s). I think I would answer, "yes, difficult," to every one of my men. How about you?
So I wonder if really we are quite normal and so are the men. ?? An old friend used to say that we each have our difficult times, and that we are each suited to deal with the difficulties in our particular man; she couldn't put up with my man, and no way I could put up with hers.

Yesterday I read this blog, and it reminded me of these thoughts. If you read it (it's a little long), can you see the connection?

That life in general is hard, and there's no reason to go around thinking we have things more hard than everyone else. I know this is easy for me to say (in regards to men) because my husband has been away for 4 weeks, but really, is it true? It's so easy to get into a negative mindset and think our own particular lot in life is unbearable. But so many have borne so much more. And maybe, just maybe, if we'd look up more often (and maybe even if we look to the humanity of others) instead of looking in at our own feelings and 'needs' then we'd realize things aren't really as difficult as they appear.

(Disclaimer: this rambling of thought is directed mostly at myself. I have no intention of making light of others' situations or even 'preaching' or imposing guilt trips. And of course, there are many exceptions and situations that REALLY are out of the ordinary with pain and hard times, and I'm not talking about that.)


Ganeida said...

I laughed. I did. I own several of those *difficult men* but I agree; life is difficult. My portion is neither better nor worse than yours, just different because God is not in the business of making me happy but of making me into His image. lol. Painful business that.

MamaOlive said...

"God is not in the business of making me happy but of making me into His image. lol. Painful business that."

Ain't that the truth!

Dawn said...

God allows the difficulties to help us grow in Him. :)

Men and women both are difficult, period. :-)

LC said...

Yes, I have come to learn that we are all flawed people. My husband is no more difficult than I am. I just think I am difficult with just reason, while he is just plain difficult. :)