Saturday, 28 June 2008

Fun fun

(A little catch-up.)
Bob did not get promoted to Master Sergeant this year. We were kind of hoping he would (more money), but as we've been thinking about it, we realized that there's no real reason to want it. We have enough money now, and promotion would be more responsibility/headache/work. So we're okay with it.

A new guy at Bob's work wants to buy his Honda, so we are getting the water pump replaced and then he will (hopefully) buy it. We are undecided about a replacement car. I want a vintage Jaguar; Bob said today maybe we'd better get another van to have transport in case our van breaks or needs servicing.

Bob took out Riah's stitches Wednesday night, and he's doing well.

Wednesday a lady that we met at the BX (I wrote about it at the time) brought her family over for lunch. I made blonde brownies and fruit salad, and we had sandwiches and chips also. They were here about 2 hours and we had a nice visit. Maybe we will get together for July 4th. (They have 4 children and seem to be on the same page as us on many issues, but we didn't talk too much doctrine just yet.) She told me about a Pick Your Own farm in Isleham.

Today we didn't plan too much because Bob was pretty tired and stressed from work. I'd seen a sign for a "Togs and Toys" sale in Newmarket, and there was the PYO, so...
We drove into Newmarket and parked at the Waitrose (grocery store) which is next to the Catholic Church where the sale was. We got out and realized we didn't have any British money. (duh!) So we went into the store first, thinking we'd get cash back on our purchase. We bought bread, cookies, and Nutella, and didn't get cash back since the card ran as credit. There was an ATM outside, so we got cash there.
We took our stuff to the car and walked over to the sale. It was pretty small; about 10 tables. We got one cute dress for Ella.

Then we went to Mildenhall for lunch and shopping. I signed up to get a gift for the biggest loser in a blogger weight loss group I'm in, so I wanted to look for something, and we got a couple of other things. Ran into one rude (British) employee, but I think I'm over that now.

Then we drove out to Isleham (not far from Mildenhall) and found the PYO farm. Strawberries are in season and were selling at 1GBP per pound. (Though the cartons the man gave us to pick into hold about a kilo each... one day they will figure out which system they are using.) William was asleep so we put his seat on the stroller, and out we went. Riah and Ella came with me and Cedwryck went with Bob (who also took the stroller); the girls were more or less on their own.
I showed Riah how to pick, and he spent the next 45 minutes saying, "Is this one good? ... This one isn't good... This one is good." Ella tramped back and forth across the rows and ate the ones we tossed out for being overripe. She also picked a few and put in my basket. We got 5 baskets full - about $20 worth. They are very delicious. I don't think we'll be freezing them, if you know what I mean.

So that's that. Sorry if this post isn't well written; I can't think straight today.

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Ganeida said...

It's always more fun to pick your own & everything always tastes sooo much better. :)