Thursday, 5 June 2008

the conclusion

Well, well. When Bob got home last night, I showed him the letter/bill, and laughed. He was quiet for a minute, and said, "My flesh wants to throw a fit and let them know just how wrong this is, but my spirit says 'just pay it.'" Knowing how it was bothering him, I read to him my thoughts on the matter, and he said, "Let it go."
So I'm proud of him for doing the right thing.
And I wonder if my talking about it is "doing my alms before men" ... if so, I guess I'll do without the reward... I'm not here to brag, but to: 1, work through it; 2, be transparent that it doesn't come naturally to me to do the right thing; 3, maybe even be an encouragement to someone else.
Now I'm actually gonna have to call the people to find out who to pay (them or the guy), and it's gonna be hard to not at least say something, but I guess it would mess up the whole point if I did. All those years of not saying anything will serve me well, I hope. (For my new friends, I talked very little as a young person.)


Last night William ate a big bowl of (infant) cereal at dinner. After dinner we went to Tesco because Bob is out of Nutella and William fell asleep on the way home. We left him in his car seat while we got everyone else in bed, and he snored away. Finally I went to get him, just sure he'd wake up and nurse, but he stayed asleep through the unbuckling and the trip down the hall to his room. So he went to bed without nursing. I don't know whether to dance or cry. My baby is growing up! He sure is a sweety. Got a video of him sitting up saying, "Dadadadadada pthhttt."
(We also got a chocolate-filled croissant each. How great is that for my diet? I didn't eat much dinner...)


S.A.M. said...

So when can I see the video? Oh by the way I loved Naysha's birthday cake. You're quite an inventive cake maker.

MamaOlive said...

Thank you.
I haven't figured out how to publish video yet. Any hints?

LC said...

I don't think working through the situation here with us is bragging. I think it's being real. It helps us to see the process that God brought you through to get to the right decision.
So, now I will remember when faced with a situation where I want my "RIGHTS!" to first check in with God- what does His Word say? Has He been speaking to me on this issue through others? (your friend's blog) And to get wise counsel from my spouse.
Good lesson lived out in you.

about uploading a video.- get a Mac. haha! (Or you can get a free youtube account.)