Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I feel like I left out a lot of details from Saturday, so here are a few nuggets.

We spread it out through the whole day. Apples while waiting for the parade, sandwiches afterwards in front of McDonald's, chips in the park beside the river, and candy as we walked along.

Speaking of sandwiches, while we were eating them the Air Force did a fly past for the Queen, and the planes went right over our heads. Bob snapped a few pictures, but as they came from behind one building and went directly over another one, it was a matter of guessing where they'd be.

While we were in the park the children played while Bob and I sat, and the first thing Cedwryck did was find a stick and play soldier. He held it up like the guards we'd been watching, turning and stomping his feet, and marching back and forth. It was really cute.

While crossing the bridge over the Thames, a man stopped beside us and asked me to take his picture with Parliament in the background. While sitting at the fountain in front of Buckingham, some Arabs sat down beside us and took pictures of Ella and William. I guess it won't hurt anything...

It was right at 8pm when we got home, so we were out for 12 hours.

Friday while we were out driving, the sun shone down through the clouds, and Riah said, "That looks like a sign from God!"

Naysha has been writing, and she will ask Taryn how to spell things, writing each letter as it is given. So a couple of days ago, Ella started doing the same. She will sit with her paper and pencil and call out to me "A!" repeatedly until I give her another letter, then she'll squiggle on her paper and look up for the next letter. She is very adorable.

That's all I can think of for now.

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