Tuesday, 10 June 2008

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Yesterday I was outside with the children and thinking about what to fix for supper, when I thought how nice it was outside, and maybe we could have a BBQ. So I pre-cooked some beef ribs, knowing that if Bob worked late I could always freeze them for another time. About 4pm I needed to know if I should make something else for our dinner (sweet and sour pork) or not, so I called Bob to ask about it. He thought ribs sounded fine, and would be home before too long. He was home by 4:30. I think his brain went into hungry mode and whatever work needed to be finished up just got set aside. :-) So we had BBQ ribs, biscuits, salad, pineapple, and green beans. The children had hotdogs instead of ribs, and they all knew they got the short end of the stick. To sweeten the deal, we moved the table and chairs out onto the patio and ate outside. It sure was fun.

Product recommendations:
I do not recommend RealArcade.com. The website is hard to navigate, and though you can redownload a game you've bought, you cannot make a copy of it or play it without an internet connection. Every 2 minutes you have to sign in again, and half the time the sign in page won't load.

I DO recommend Crisco brand pan coating spray. I grew up with Pam, and it's okay. I tried Mozolla and that was awful - stinky! Then I got Crisco and it doesn't smell at all; doesn't effect the taste; works great.

What else?
Oh, I mentioned pineapple with last night's dinner... When we were at Tesco the other day they had pineapples for 1GBP each (about $2) so we bought 3. They aren't the best ones ever, but they're okay. We also bought the store brand nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) and it isn't anything like Nutella brand. I'm still in awe at the bread prices. A large loaf of whole wheat bread costs 39pence ($0.75) - in the States you'd be hard pressed to find a loaf for under $2. I also discovered that the canned fruit is a lot cheaper at Tesco than on base. I haven't eaten them yet, but they are also in juice rather than heavy syrup, which is hard to find and more expensive in the US.

We filled up with gas Sunday and it was about $85. Yikes!

Time to get the boys to work.


S.A.M. said...

Are you having the tomato problem we're having here in the states? All the fast food places in Seminole have stopped giving you tomatoes with your food out of fear of salmonella. The pineapple talk made me think of produce. I'm sorry you're paying so much for gas. I'm started not filling up the whole way and letting my tank get real low.

Oh thanks for sending the video. It was sweet.

Love you :-)

Diane Shiffer said...

such an interesting blog you have here m'dear! i lived in england as a child and have been fascinated by it. i'll be sure to return:)

MamaOlive said...

S.a.m., I haven't heard anything about tomatoes here. I personally wouldn't mind not getting them on my food. ;-)
Glad you liked the video.

Thanks for stopping by! You might want to check out Bob's pictures, too (link on my sidebar). I'm glad you think I'm interesting. :-)

CassieHumble said...

Sounds like some of the prices there are pretty good. Now if only we could do something about gas prices!

CassieHumble said...

oh by the way, I just recently discovered a huge strawberry field here where you can go out and pick your own berries and they weigh them. I got a huge box for only five euros! I was able to freeze four small bags, make a pie, and have plenty left over to eat. Sweet deal! Do you guys have anything like that there?

MamaOlive said...

That sounds great about the strawberries. I've been told there's a pick-your-own farm in the area, but I haven't found it yet. Maybe I should google it.
One thing I do like about buying produce here is that it's labeled with place of origin. My lettuce not only said "UK," it gave a short bio of the farm owner.

kimba said...
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kimba said...

I deleted my original post because I couldn't re-edit it.

I meant to say that I had just heard about the tomato crisis in the states. No-one, in 17 states at least, can buy any, and they shouldn't eat any that they haven't grown themselves.

Apparently the authorities can't find the source of the outbreak of Salmonella. Scary!

MamaOlive said...

Kimba, thanks for the info.
I did look up local pick-your-own farms, but I didn't look up the tomato thing.

CassieHumble said...

That's cool about the produce labels!