Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The love of God

For some reason this came to mind today.

You know the story of the pearl of great price, right? Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sold all he had to buy a pearl. I had always assumed the pearl was God and the man was me and the moral was that I needed to give up everything to follow God. But we have a "Donut Man" video (sing along for children), and on it the donut man explained it this way: You are the pearl. God is the man, and the price he paid for you cost him Jesus - everything He had.

Also, the same thing from another angle:
We have a video of a play about Pocahontas. John Rolf was talking to her about God and the devil. She told of the Indian god who demanded human sacrifice, and how horrible it was, and how she was glad to "renounce the devil" as the catechism taught. And then John Rolfe said, "The true God doesn't demand that you die for Him; The true God died for you."

I could go on moralizing a while, but I think I'll leave it with those two stories.
God bless.