Tuesday, 17 June 2008

technical support

Yesterday, Bob made a DVD of some pictures and wanted to check it before he deleted the pictures from his computer, so we popped it in my new laptop, and nothing happened. Well, maybe it doesn't have auto play. So we clicked on "Computer" (My Computer in windows older versions), and there wasn't a DVD icon to open! Bob went to device manager and saw it there, but there was a problem with the driver. huh.

Bob uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD player with no change. We tried to run System Restore, but it didn't go through. Still nothing. I went to Toshiba's website to look for updates, and looked at Microsoft as well. Nothing really fit the problem.

So last night after the children were in bed I called Toshiba's toll free technical support number. After a brief menu and a recording about how great the website was, I was connected to a person. He answered the phone right away, and though it became obvious later that English was his second language, he spoke with very little accent. He had me go through some of the steps that Bob had already tried, and then found a solution. I had to go into the registry and delete two things, and then it worked beautifully. Yea!

So I'm a little peeved that it didn't work from the beginning, but I am very pleased with the tech support. The guy was polite, professional, understandable, and the problem was resolved in a reasonable time.

I've heard it said that people are more likely to talk about a bad experience than a good one, and that is mostly true, but I do get tired of complaining ALL the time, and wanted to share a good experience. ;-)


CassieHumble said...

Wow! A positive experience with tech support. That's definitely something you don't hear very often!

Wil said...

LOL. I've had positive experiences with tech support, but it's usually mixed in with bad, during the same call. :-) Last time I got a lady in Houston, which was my first American tech support in over five years. Hurray!