Wednesday, 4 June 2008


For some reason I was unable to sleep last night. I finally got up at midnight and lay down on the couch (keep in mind it's a 2-seater and I'm 5'10"), where I rested fitfully until 4:30. Then I returned to my bed, waking up Bob, and tossed and turned till 6:30. ick

On other news:
Bob may be able to go to Iceland for 3 weeks in September. That will be exciting for him if he gets to go.

Everybody is talking about prices going up, so I guess I'll join in. :-) Bagged salads at the commissary have gone from $2.10 to $2.79. I'd sure like to find some lettuce seeds.

William finally likes to eat at the table. He likes baby cereal, tolerates applesauce, and drools a lot at yogurt. Other foods are spit out, and water sure gets a reaction.

We bought Othello from and we are learning to play it properly, instead of on the computer. We also got some shoes for Taryn and me and a dress for Naysha (it's almost too small).

The neighbor girl says she wants to come live with us. :-)

Taryn has finally learned to write in cursive. She's doing A Reason for Writing - the same book I used when I was in homeschool. She finished her Science and History, and is now doing handwriting, Math, and English. Guess which is her least favorite.

I think that's about it so far this week.


Dawn said...

Oh I have had many of those sleepless nights...normally I just get online till I am so bleary eyed I can see

Iceland??? How cool! I have always wanted to go there. There are military bases out there or no?

I think it's a great challenge for us homemakers with the cost of everything going up. A fun challenge to see how we can make our food last longer and money. :)
I tell people there is no point in complaining about it, just figure out new ways to save and scrimp is all :)


LC said...

I'm guessing handwriting?

MamaOlive said...

I thought about getting on the computer, but decided I'd better try to sleep some.
Re:Iceland, there used to be a Navy base there, with an Air Force group and a few Marines - we were stationed there before we went to Texas - but it closed down a couple years ago. I guess they keep the property for exercises.

I am stretching my meat more now; I figure the good health is worth the price of vegetables.

Nope. She will do handwriting every day, but I have to really push to get her to do English. Math is bad enough, but tolerable.