Thursday, 15 January 2009

written last week

The Laptop crash
Bob has some movies and TV shows he got from a guy at work on my external hard drive. (I’m pretty sure the grammar is wrong on that one – somebody let me know.) So we’d got in the habit of watching something on his laptop as we fall asleep. Last week (Thusday? The days all run together when Bob’s off work) he turned it on for Smallville and the computer turned stripey. Uh oh. At that point he just turned it off and went to sleep. The next day he took it all apart and did what could be done. No go. Turns out the video card is fried, and as it’s a laptop the whole thing is integrated so you can’t just go get a new card like you can on a desktop. Then, just for fun, we thought of trying to put the hard drive into the old laptop (the one the children use) – after all, they are both HP and only a year or two apart. Well, in that year HP changed their hard drive – it wouldn’t fit. So we go to plug the old one back in, and it wouldn’t. We’ve had issues with the power supply before, so we fiddled and pushed and pulled, to no avail. Bob took the power supply apart and tested that it was still working. So then he took that computer apart to check the other end. Finally got the power to work, but then the “on” button doesn’t work. So we’re down two laptops in one day.

We bought a hard drive reader when out on Cedwryck’s birthday, so at least Bob’s info isn’t lost. We’ll probably end up getting the children a cheap desktop. That poor laptop was on its last leg long ago.
Do you blame me for not even turning my laptop on that day?

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Ganeida said...

We are down to the laptops. After the holidays I have to get some more memory on my computer ~ if it isn't totally fried.