Friday, 9 January 2009

I wrote this yesterday.

Today first, I suppose…

Today is it; the big moving day. We were awake and fed and ready to tumble by 7. Well, the first thing to do was take a load to the Newmarket recycle center – Bob tried last night but they were already closed at 4:30, so the stuff was still in the back of the van. We figured they wouldn’t be open til 9, so we twiddled until then, expecting the movers any minute. Bob and the children finally left to take that stuff (an old ironing board and a couple of broken bicycles), then came back to load up to take to the new house. His appt there was 10:45, so he was early again, but what else is there to do? So we loaded up some things we wanted/needed to carry ourselves, and they took off. SO I was alone in the house for the first time ever, waiting.

The moving van arrived at 11. With ONE guy to pack. He’d been stuck in traffic for 3 hours. I believe it. There’s one main road across the country at this point – it’s 2 lane – and there was an accident. So everyone sits there until the cops get the road cleared. No frontage roads or anything. Sometimes they manage to route traffic through Newmarket, but its main road is under construction so that wouldn’t have helped anything. Anyway, he’s here now. I guess/hope someone will come later to help. No way one guy will get it all done in one afternoon.

PS. The guy did it. Well, he left the kitchen and the outside stuff (just a few toys and a rake), but he got all 4 bedrooms, the living room and dining room done in 5 hours, including a lunch break. Wow. When we left Abilene there were 5 packers and they didn’t get so far in 8 hours. But they were packing for an overseas move, not a local one. But they sat and talked a lot more than they packed – not this guy.

After he left at 4, we took another load to the new house, ate dinner at the BX, and got gas and candy. I went in the gas station to see if they had windshield washer fluid (they didn’t) and saw a big bag of bit size Snickers left from Christmas. It was 47cents. I was going to get two bags, but the cashier was so impressed with the price that she grabbed the other two for herself while I looked at the ice cream.

I took one load in after Bob got home at 1pm, and let the children see the house while I hooked up the phone. Bob felt funny about having me in the house with just me and the one guy.

So tomorrow we’ll finish up and take it all over to the new place, where the fun begins.

Ah, when Bob was going through the house with the housing office lady, she told him that we got a new heater (the old one was ancient). It’s an economy thingy that soaks up heat in the night and blows in the day. Hello?? At night is when it gets cold! I’d heard about those, and apparently lots of people program their heaters to turn off at night… I guess William will get used to his blanket sleeper again. Also, she said there is some fence available at an old housing area that is being torn down. Cool! Will save us a couple thousand $$ if we get to it in time. … Seems like there was something else, too, but I don’t remember now. Anyway… J

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