Friday, 9 January 2009

here, I think

Well, we and most of our stuff is in the "new" house. Surprisingly enough, the internet is, too. Maybe I'll talk about that sometime. For now it is cold and stinky and we have boxes to the ceiling. But we're here. Tomorrow we get to go back to Cheveley and hope it isn't frozen over, as we left the heat off today and didn't go back tonight because the fog was too thick to drive in, and clean it up for the inspection Monday.

This heater over here is something else. My fingers are too cold to type.


Anonymous said...

Poor you. Can't stand to be cold. Every night in the winter I thank God for a warm house and a warm bed. jc

MamaOlive said...

The heater decided to start working again about midnight (Bob and I went to bed with our clothes on and two quilts just after I posted) and it was all toasty warm by morning. Thank you, Lord for central heat and a man smart enough to get it to come on.