Thursday, 15 January 2009

The car crash

As promised...

A couple of weeks ago(!) while we were still in the old house, one of the days Bob went to work, he called not long after he got there and said, "I wrecked my car." WHat?! He was going over the hill between Cheveley and Moulton at a brisk pace, when he just spun around and ended up in the hedge. At the time he didn't know of any damage (it broke one fog light). Later in the day he did ask me to come pick him up because his brakes were sticking. (This the reason for his driving so fast on the icy hill).

A couple days ago I tried to drive his car and found out what he meant by the brake sticking... Whenever I pushed the clutch in the car came to a quick stop - the hand brake (emergency or parking brake, depending on where you are from) wasn't releasing. We are guessing it is related to the ice.

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