Saturday, 17 January 2009

A good thing

This requires a little backstory, so bear with me.

When I was in Iceland I was introduced to the Pampered Chef. At first I thought they were a little pricey, but after looking at similar quality products online, I realized the prices are competitive plus the warranty is better. So I ended up hosting two parties while I was there. The second one did very well, and I made enough sales to get for myself the Professional Family Skillet (I'd link but they have discontinued the "Professional" line). It's a hard anodized, non-stick skillet big enough to cook 3 lbs of beef, with a lifetime warranty.

Fast forward. Soon after arriving here I began to notice the non-stick wasn't working so well any more. Maybe the move induced extreme temps - who knows? So, since PC now has offices in the UK as well as USA, I wrote to them asking where to send it (it would be a LOT faster to send to the UK). They answered right away, saying it needed to go back to the US since that's where I bought it. I went to find my receipt, and couldn't. I figured it was too bad, so sad for me.

But the PC lady asked if I remembered the date, host, and consultant, and I did. So - get this - she told me to go ahead and send it in. I included a copy of the emails with the skillet, and hoped it would work. Well, months went by, and I finally decided I should try to get my money back from the post office. So I wrote again, asking for a tracking number or something I could take to the post office to file a claim. Get this - they sent another one. I got it the week we were moving, and have used it twice in the new house.

I really enjoy my skillet, and I really appreciate the Pampered Chef making good even when they didn't have to. I know I don't get enough readership to make a difference in PC sales or anything, but I thought it was only decent of me to say how they blessed me by standing by their product. (And you know it's a good product when a Postal worker would risk their job to steal one.) :-)


Anonymous said...

That is a good thing. In a similar way, I had a pot handle replaced by KitchenCraft. They a have lifetime guarantee on all their cookware. One of the handles fell off (I had burned it.) I sent it in and they put a new handle on. Only thing is the handle does not match the old ones (1960's.)jc

Anonymous said...

A blessing indeed. I like the Pampered Chef items that I have been given and all are high quality.