Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Tryin to think

So, just to be different, I've not had much brains about me this week. ;-)

We do have a permanent dining area now, as opposed to folding up the table after every meal because it was set up between the two couches in the living room. (We had all our "misc" boxes stacked in the dining room.) I got all the books out today. They need to be sorted, but they are on shelves now. Also today I went to the housing office to ask about putting up a fence. I have to take a form to three different base offices to get it signed before we can put a fence up. Actually, Bob has to do at least part of it.

Did I write about the supposed free fence? When Bob got the keys for the house, the inspector told him he could go get fencing from the old housing units that are being torn down. So we drove by that area, and that fence is all cemented in - it would be all but impossible to get it. So we got a quote from a local business, and it will be about 1000GBP, which at today's exchange rate is $1400. We may use our security deposit from the last place to cover the price, if we can get our insurance to pay the claims and we actually get money back...

I got a call from the old landlord yesterday, asking for our security deposit account number so they can get the money to pay for the stuff. I put her off a bit, and she said she'd email me the list of stuff they found, but so far no email. Those people are the least organized bunch I've ever seen. Add that to the British "subtlety" and it's a wonder they get anything done, or are able to stay in business. They are all very "nice" and friendly, but every time we ask anything, they act like they've never done this before. Anyway.

The children all got a chesty cough, plus more or less snotty noses, so I've been running a humidifier day and night the last 2 days. Seems to help quite a bit with the coughing. Our new house has forced air heat, which is a lot more drying than the radiators we'd got used to.

My kitchen organization is coming very slowly. I occasionally find a cabinet with nothing in it, wondering how I've missed it. The whole room is just so NOT sensible, it's hard to figure what to put where. For instance, I usually have the plates, bowls (everyday dishes) in the cabinet closest to the dishwasher. This kitchen doesn't have a cabinet close to the dishwasher. There is a big pantry-type closet, but it's next to the (heat retaining) furnace, so I can't store dry goods there or they'll turn melty on me... but we're working on it.

Anyway, I guess it's time to get back to work.


Ganeida said...

I should hate having to shift residences so often. Organisation is so not my thing. I've had stuff in boxes for 20 years. lol. If I haven't used it I should just get rid of it. I know, I know...

MamaOlive said...

Oh, the movers don't mind - they'll just wrap some tape around the old boxes and move them along with everything else. :-D We had a few things that were still unpacked from the last move. (bangs head against wall) I hope to do better this time, so it'll be easier next time. Only two more moves to go! (so we say)