Sunday, 25 January 2009


I don't know if decorum requires me to be vague or not...
We found out Friday what our new paycheck will look like, without the housing allowance that we've been getting. YIKES! After taking out the regular bills of savings account, tithes, insurances, and internet & phone, we are left with about $1000 less than what we spent last month (not counting the two new computers). Of course, last month was a big spender, what with two birthdays, and moving, and all. But still.

We looked at it some today (obviously) and decided we will keep putting the money in savings; we'll need someplace to live when we get back stateside, after all. With that amount taken out of the paycheck, we will be living on just about the same as we will get when Bob retires (assuming no promotions or major changes). So if we can do this, we can do that. Right?

Anyway, I am busy looking for good bean recipes. ;-) With the budget restraints (and prices here haven't fallen, folks, except for gas), we still have to focus mainly on lowering our calorie intake while maintaining healthy habits like more fruit and whole grain. So price cuts for us will come in the form of less eating out and not buying clothes and CDs and "stuff" just because it's on sale or cute. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

"Yikes" for sure; $1000 is a lot to cut from a budget. Back when, I used lots of fillers - rice, macaroni, noodles - and half as much meat as a recipe called for. I'm proud of you for your determination to save for your future and for living within your income.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a cut! Two hundred a month cut would be HUGE for me. The bad part is that you have to start right now without time to plan for it. God Bless your efforts.jc

The HoJo's said...

Once you get used to not picking things up, it gets easier, we knew for a year or more that we might emigrate and stopped buying 'stuff' and still rarely buy bits now. We may have taken things too far as we moved into our house in April last year and haven't bought a table and chairs or cupboards yet :o) It is definately easier now we don't have small children, maybe under 6's I think they suck money like no ther, although we haven't tried out teenagers quite yet so maybe the funds will dwindle some more.
Good luck