Sunday, 31 August 2008

Politics again

So McCain picked his VP...

(Ganieda, do you want a brief intro to US elections? Just in case, I'll skip it for now. ;-) Let me know if you get an interest going.)

What prompted me to write about this at all is Dr Dobson...

Dr James Dobson, author and radio personality, has said for quite a while that he wouldn't vote for John McCain because McCain supports embryonic stem cell research, which involves killing pre-born babies and hasn't shown any medical breakthroughs or benefits (as opposed to adult stem-cell research, which doesn't hurt anybody and has helped out a lot).

As an aside, blogger no longer recognises contractions. Kinda irritating.

Anyway, Dobson said that McCain's stance on that issue was wrong, and he'd rather not vote than vote for him.

Aside number two, why don't the big names recognise the other political parties? America is NOT a two-party system anymore, even if it used to be.

So now McCain picked a pro-life female as his vice president choice, and Dobson says, well, he will vote for them after all. How does Palin make things better for Focus on the Family? I think she was a good choice for the Republican party, but she's not a good choice for me. Get this. She went back to work in the Alaskan Governor's office 3 days after giving birth to her youngest son, saying, basically, that if a man can do it, so can a woman. How does that "focus on the family?" How are those kind of values an improvement on McCain's?

Dobson has impressed me several times in the last few years, but I don't understand his reasoning here.

I will be voting my conscience come November. I know from a secular veiwpoint this is futile - "throwing my vote away" - butI know it is God who gives authority, and I know that God will hold me accountable for what I, personally, do.
I haven't decided yet if I will vote for Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, or Independant Alan Keyes, but I'm sure it will be one or the other. I still say too bad Ron Paul stayed with the Republicans instead of joining the Constitution Party, as he'd built up a bit of a following.

So there's my gripe for the month. :-)
(sorry it's so disjointed. When I composed this in my head 2 days ago, it sounded much better.)


Ganeida said...

lol. As an outsider I think American politics are insane all the way round & I've barely followed this particular insanity. Our system is not only much simpler but compulsory ~ which makes it fairer because everyone gets their say ~ whether they wanted one or not! :P Rather you than me, m'dear.

MamaOlive said...

I didn't think you'd want the intro to politics... Thanks for reading anyway. :-)
Now I'm gonna have to look up your system. I read a novel once that explained the British system a little, but I never got a good grasp of it all. Now I want to know, and it's bedtime. Thanks! :-)