Friday, 1 August 2008

prayer request

A family we know (I've mentioned before about meeting them at the BX) could use your prayers. The father was in a motorcycle accident (no other vehicles involved) on Sunday. He ruptured his spleen, which was removed, broke a couple of ribs, and punctured a lung. The family stopped here yesterday for dinner before going to visit him in the hospital. Well, wife/mother took the oldest and the baby to the hospital, and the two middle children stayed with us for an hour and a half. When the wife came back to pick up the children she said they discovered why the husband was feeling worse today. After 4 days of not eating, they gave him orange juice. Then tea with milk, and he's lactose intolerant. So now she has to worry about the hospital food as well as everything else. (I'd read an article in the local paper recently about local hospitals, and it said that this one wasn't great in the food department - also the parking is expensive.)
So anyway, if you would add the Harris family to your prayer list, they'd appreciate it.

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